Meet Us

We are Jeanne and Curt.

  I was a librarian, a teacher and a fiber artist. Now that I’m retired I can do whatever I want but mostly I read, knit, travel, volunteer and pursue artistic endeavors. I’ve started an ETSY shop and I love to eat my husband’s cooking.

Curt is a retired art professor, but instead of expressing himself with clay he now does it with food, a natural extension of his love of gardening.

We both are avid birders and love living in Wisconsin.


27 thoughts on “Meet Us

  1. Dear Heuer Hill friends,
    This is wonderful! You have the gift of a natural, stream-of-consciousness style–and of course the recipes look great. I will check in regularly. Like you, we are packing today for a trip to warmer climes. Enjoy AZ and the birding.

  2. Hi Jeanne:

    Glad you found my blog today…thanks for adding my link to your Blogroll…I will certainly reciprocate! We have lots in common: I co-own an antiquarian bookstore with my dad; I have been an avid crocheter since I was a child (designing many projects); I planted a big garden this year; my fiancé is nuts on birds (and bird feeders!); and I love to cook, bake and EAT! I also started blogging in March of this year…looking forward to reading more of your archived posts!


    • I just began my blog in April but you are far more prolific, so I have my work cut out for me as I go into your archive. My blog is shared with my husband Curt, who is the predominant cook in this household so many of the food posts are his or me, posting about his food. Being Fresh-pressed must have been exciting. Do you try to respond to all your comments? That can be a full time job in itself.

  3. Hello Jeanne and Curt! I am Kenn Kiesner’s daughter from Manitowoc. Dad posted a link to your blog on Facebook which caught my eye! The Spring Roll information…a favorite at our house. I am looking forward to poking around on your blog spot! Hope that you are both well.

  4. What, Jeanne? I just read your comment at Wabi Sabi’s blog that your “sweetie” has the culinary skill? I had to re-read “Meet Us” to see what I missed. A big “duh” for me! 🙂 Well, you are a wonderful team with mouth-watering recipes! Unrelated to cooking, but related to Wisconsin, my son interviewed for a position in Madison, but didn’t get it. We were all really disappointed because we heard that it’s so nice there.

  5. I’m searching in vain for instructions for my ‘new to me’ Studio loom by Newcomb Loom Co. I see in an old post that you have a readable instruction manual! Oh, is there ANY chance you still have it and would be willing to send me a copy??? I beg, plead, implore….Pretty please? I’d be glad to pay for it! PDF is fine, too. I’d be ever so grateful to you!
    Thanks for thinking about it,
    Pam Doyle

  6. Hi Jeanne
    I recently acquired a Studio Loom but am having trouble setting it up. I noticed that you have helped some other people in the past. If you could email me a copy of the instruction book that would be fantastic. Thank you so much.

    • Sure. I will send out the assembly page. The booklet is 22 pages and is mostly about warping and threading and weaving and if you have woven before it probably won’t tell you anything new.

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