A Little More about Me and Him

The Jeanne of the blog

Now that we’ve been Freshly Pressed I feel we should  tell you a bit more about ourselves. I’ll give you more on my bio and maybe a bit on Curt, my fellow blogger. If he wants to elaborate, I will leave that to him in another post.

1. Born and raised a Bear fan in Chicago,Illinois.

2. BA from Valparaiso University in Indiana, taught art at a Jr/Sr H.S for five years. Got married and moved to DeKalb, IL where we both attended Northern Illinois University. In two years I had an MA in art (fiber), Curt had his MFA (ceramics).

3. On to Green Bay, WI. I spend 31 years as a librarian and Curt puts in his 31 years as a Professor of Art at UWGB. Both of us are currently retired.

4. I love to read. Fiction is it for me, I love to escape reality. Give me SF, vampires, historical fiction, fairies, angels, thrillers or romantic suspense. I usually have 3 – 4 books going at once and yes, I can keep all of the plots straight.

5. I love movies. Similar themes as books but then add to that Coen Brothers, animation and foreign films to the list. I also love series TV: you know those HBO and Showtime ones that go on for years like Breaking Bad, Justified or Game of Thrones.

6. I am a fiber artist. Tapestries were my graduate work. I can weave, spin, knit, crochet, needlepoint, embroidery and sew a patch on your pants. Made a lot of my own clothes when I was younger. much younger. Current passion is making dolls and crocheting evening bags. Lately I’ve been doing art boxes and books. See my ETSY shop link on the Meet Us page.

7. Clutter makes me crazy and I am always accused (by my husband) of “tidying up.” But I married a packrat so I am doomed to tidy up for the rest of my life.

8. I like sports and I yell and swear and cheer on Sundays for the Green Bay Packers. My husband could care less but he humors me and nods and smiles when I relate the latest great play made.

Curt and son, birding.

9. We are birders. The oldest records I can find go back to 1979 but lists seriously started in ’83. So 29 -33 years of birding for us. We introduced our son to birding very early. As a little boy he never said birdy. It was a robin, a sparrow, etc. My life list is currently at 349.

10. We both love to cook (especially Curt), and especially for friends and family. This however is not good for anyone’s waistline. I think loving to exercise is something we will have to work on.

Those are the highlights for now. We hope you enjoy reading our posts as we continue with our passions and write about them.


6 thoughts on “A Little More about Me and Him

  1. It’s nice to learn more about you and Curt, Jeanne…

    I also love to read, although I prefer non-fiction or classic lit to fiction.

    I’ve been crocheting since I was ten, and had aspirations of becoming a crochet designer, but then I became aware of the no-money aspect of that career…I have a cousin who is a fibre artist, and is currently working on her Masters in Fine Art.

    I’m afraid Jim and I are both hopeless packrats…

    Jim is nuts on birds…I told him about your 349 birds on your list…very impressive!

    We both like to cook too, although we don’t get as much chance to do neat things as I would like!


    • My new book group friends are mostly non-fiction readers too but I’ve talked them into some fiction for some of our upcoming meetings. Also we are taking a birding trip to Texas in February, hope to increase that list. Jeanne

  2. Lots of interesting tidbits here. I’m a writer and read a great deal, but I can’t imagine reading 3-4 books at once. I am in awe!! I have read two at one time when one was fiction and one non-fiction. On the other hand I do sometimes work on a few stories at once.

    I think I mentioned that I love your blog name!

    • Thanks again. I got in trouble once when I read two serial killer books at once. Too many similarities. When I’m doing multiples they have to be very different stories or genres.

  3. Jeanne,

    Wonderful to see this. I love reading your FB posts to begin with, they are always interesting reads. We have parallel interests in fiction, and would like to see more of your thoughts on some of the books you’ve read. I love hearing about the hinterlands and goings on in GB. It’s a part of my territory ( WI, MN, IL TX) WI needs to start using more salt on the roads for me to get up there more. It seems every time I plan a road trip I get beat up on the roads. Maybe I’ll start bringing Rose (talk about a FB reunion) with me on these trips.

    I have a blog myself but it’s more about the business I’m in. I haven’t written much lately, there are just too many distractions that keep me from the pen, but I intend to soon (don’t forget I’m a 61 year old business development person, selling in a 30 year olds world pretty competitive out there). I’d like to provide a more laymen’s approach and narrative to what’s happening technically in our world and business. We are now in a technology transformation way bigger and faster than evolution – lots of folks will be left behind this time around. Anyway good to see you’re going to blog.

    Peace out,

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