Rabbit Food or What to Have for Easter Dinner

Holiday dinners. Thanksgiving is always turkey. Christmas is always lasagna. But there are no expectations for Easter around here. Easter may be a high church holiday, pretty major for Christians in the scheme of things but for us it has never been a family gathering kind of day. When our son was little it was fun to color the eggs and hide them with the baskets and other goodies. After church we would find out if we were clever or if everything was discovered in 5 minutes. Usually one or two eggs found good hiding places. And of course it was very important that Dad (who usually was the designated Easter Bunny) remembered where he stashed everything.  You don’t want to find one of those hard-boiled eggs 6 months later.

Well my son is grown and for the last couple of years it has been impossible for him to get home. This year it will be my mother and a friend for dinner. We are not ham eaters for the most part. I like ham but no one else was ever interested and buying a big ham that only I would eat was impractical to say the least. Our fallback is usually chicken.

About a week ago Curt spotted some sockeye salmon in the grocery and knowing that my Mom enjoys salmon he bought some, not thinking of Easter because I don’t eat fish. Okay, I will have a piece of perch now and then and I like scallops and shrimp but those are really not fish. But the more we thought about what to have the more the salmon seemed to be the obvious choice.


Three of the four diners would have a wonderful time. I would just ignore them and eat the asparagus and the cheddar popovers and the deviled eggs…unless…I could find an easy to prepare single serving of something just for me.

Flash back to Wednesday and a day trip to Wausau,Wisconsin (about 100 miles one way) to an art museum. Between here and there is a great meat market called Nueske’s. Their applewood smoked bacon is nationally known. Curt wanted to stop to pick up some wieners and a smoked duck breast. Inside, this place smells incredibly good and it was obvious what most people eat on Easter because there was a bunker full of hams, which the clerk said she had filled three times already that day. However they were all huge so I bypassed the bunker and that’s when Curt called me over to the deli case. There they were, in all their porky goodness, smoked pork loin chops.


Dinner is now complete. No rabbit food on our table we are all carnivores and proud of it. Watch for the follow-up post to see how it all worked on Sunday.