Books Read (2012-13)

Read by Jeanne  or Curt

Books Read (2012)

Adler, Tamar • An Everlasting Meal (nf)
Balfour-Paul, Jenny • Indigo: Egyptian Mummies to Blue Jeans
Barnes, Julian • The Sense of an Ending
Bastianich, Joe • Restaurant Man (nf)
Bell, Ted • Phantom
Bloomfield, April • A Girl and Her Pig: Recipes and Stories (nf)
Bradbury, Ray • The Vintage Bradbury
Buck, Pearl • The Good Earth
Capon, Robert Farrar • The Supper of the Lamb: a Culinary Reflection (nf)
Child, Lee • Deep Down
Condie, Ally • Matched
Condie, Ally • Crossed
Dederer, Claire • Poser: My Life in 23 Yoga Poses (nf)
de la Cruz, Melissa • Van Alen Legacy
de La Cruz • Bloody Valentine
Desrochers, Pierre and Shimizu, Hiroko • The Locavore’s Dilemma; In Praise of the 10,000-mile Diet (nf)
Erdrich, Louise • Shadow Tag
Flynn, Gillian – Gone Girl
Florey, Kitty Burns • Sister Bernadette’s Barking Dog:  The Quirky History and Lost Art of Diagramming Sentences (nf)
Forkish, Ken • Flour Water Salt Yeast: The fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza (nf)
Gaughen, A.C. – Scarlet
Greenblatt, Stephen • The Swerve: How the World became Modern (nf)
Hamilton, Laurell K. • Kiss the Dead
Harkness, Deborah • Shadow of Night
Harris, Charlaine -Deadlocked (#12 Sookie Stackhouse)
Haskell, David George • The Forest Unseen : a year’s watch in nature (nf)
Isaacson, Walter • Steve Jobs (bio)
James, E.L. • Fifty Shades of Grey
James, E.L. – Fifty Shades Darker
Kagawa, Julie – Iron’s Prophecy
King, Stephen • 11/22/63
Kuntsler, James Howard • World Made By Hand
Kurlansky, Mark • Birdseye: The Adventures of a Curious Man (nf)
Lowry, Lois • The Giver
Lowry, Lois – Gathering Blue
Lowry, Lois – The Messenger
Lowry, Lois – Son
Manchester, William • A World Lit Only by Fire: The Medieval Mind and the Renaissance (nf)
Marr, Melissa • Carnival of Souls
Martin, George R.R. • Game of Thrones
Martin, George R.R. • A Clash of Kings
Moran, Caitlin – How to be a Woman
Morgenstern, Erin • The Night Circus
Morpurgo, Michael • War Horse
Ness, Patrick • Knife of Never Letting Go
Ness, Patrick • The Ask and the Answer
Otsuka, Julie – Buddha in the Attic
Petterson, Per • Out Stealing Horses
Prosek, James • Eels: An Exploration,…  (nf)
Schonwald, Josh • The Taste of Tomorrow: Dispatches from the Future of Food (nf)
Scott, Michael  • The Enchantress
Spencer-Fleming, Julia • To Darkness and To Death
Spencer-Fleming, Julia • Out of the Deep I Cry
Spencer-Fleming, Julia • All Mortal Flesh
Spencer-Fleming, Julia • One was a Soldier
Spencer-Fleming, Julia • I Shall Not Want
Stegner, Wallace • The Spectator Bird
Stiefvater, Maggie – The Raven Boys
Verghese, Abraham • Cutting for Stone
Waters, Alice and friends • 40 Years of Chez Panisse: The Power of Gathering

Books Read (2013)

Adornetto, Alexandra • Hades (YA)
Adornetto, Alexandra • Heaven (YA)
Aguirre, Ann • Outpost (YA)
Aguirre, Ann • Endurance (YA)
Amend, Allison • A Nearly Perfect Copy
Baldacci, David • The Innocent
Baldacci, David • Zero Day
Bayley, Stephen • Ugly: The Aesthetics of Everything
Berger, Jonah • Contagious: Why Things Catch On (nf)
Black, Cara • Murder in the Palais Royale
Brandon, John • Citrus County
Brock, Pope • Charlatan: America’s Most Dangerous Huckster, the Man Who Pursued Him, and the  Age of Flimflam (nf)
Buekes, Lauren • The Shining Girls
Child, Lee • Never Go Back
Clare, Cassandra • City of Fallen Angels (YA)
Clare, Cassandra • City of Lost Souls (YA)
Clare, Cassandra • Clockwork Angel (YA)
Clare, Cassandra • Clockwork Prince (YA)
Clare, Cassandra • Clockwork Princess (YA)
Condie, Ally • Reached (YA
Erdrich, Louise • The Round House
Fitzpatrick, Rebecca • Finale (YA)
Ford, Richard • Canada
Gaiman, Neil • Ocean at the End of the Lane
Galbraith, Robert • Cuckoo’s Calling
Garfield, Simon • On the Map: A Mind-Expanding Exploration of the Way the World Looks (nf)
Hamilton, Laurel K. • Affliction
Heller, Peter • Dog Stars
Hill, Joe • Horns
Jordan, Hillary • When She Woke
Joyce, Rachel • The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
Kagawa, Julie • ‘Til the World Ends
King, Stephen • Doctor Sleep
Kurlansky, Mark • The Food of a Younger Land: A portrait of American Food – before the national highway system, chain restaurants, frozen food, … from the lost WPA files (nf)
Kurlansky, Mark • What? (nf)
Laurens, Stephanie • Devil’s Bride
Martel, Yann • Life of Pi
McCreight, Kimberly • Reconstructing Amelia
Moning, Karen Marie • Iced
Mooallem, Jon • Wild Ones: A Sometimes Dismaying, Weirdly Reassuring Story About Looking at People Looking at Animals in America (nf)
Newmark, Elle • The Book of Unholy Mischief
Norman, Howard • The Bird Artist
Oliver, Lauren • Delirium (YA)
Oliver, Lauren  • Pandemonium (YA)
Paterniti, Michael • The Telling Room:  A Tale of Love, Betrayal, Revenge, and the World’s Greatest Piece of Cheese (nf)
Rhodes, David • Jewelweed
Rhodes, Morgan • Fallen Kingdoms
Roach, Mary • Gulp.  Adventures on the Alimentary Canal (nf)
Roth, Monica • Divergent (YA)
Roth, Monica • Insurgent (YA)
Roth, Veronica • Allegiant (YA)
Ruhlman, Michael • The Soul of a Chef (nf)
Samuelson, Marcus • Yes, Chef: A Memoir (nf)
Sedaris, David • Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls (nf)
Sedaris, David • Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary
Shannon, Samantha • The Bone Season
Spencer-Fleming, Julia • Through the Evil Days
Talley, Bret • The Void
Venditti, Robert • Homeland Directive (graphic novel)
Wilson, Bee • Consider the Fork: A History of How We Cook and Eat (nf)
Yancey, Rick • The 5th Wave

(YA) young adult
(nf) non-fiction


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