An Inauguration Day Project

Already tired of the wall to wall coverage of the US Presidential Inauguration? Do you feel that this is the beginning of a long four years of insane tweets and the mangling of the English language? Not interested in celebrating a man with low values and no integrity? Well turn off the television, switch off the radio and toss the newspaper in the recycle. Stay away from social media as well today. This may be history in the making but I am still having a hard time with acceptance.

If you are like me and want to keep your blood pressure in check and stay sane, today is the day to organize a closet, clean the garage, chip more ice off your driveway or get your Tupperware in order.

I bet most of you have a cupboard or drawer or shelf where your plastic covered containers live. Mostly in a big jumbled mess. Mine take up one whole shelf in a lower kitchen cupboard and for a long time now it has been a real treasure hunt to find the correct corresponding lid for the chosen bottom. So, needing a mind-numbing project I took every piece out and piled them all on the dining room table. I suggest you put on some music in the background but definitely keep the television off.




About an hour later, I had tossed the broken ones, the yukky ones, and all the parts that didn’t match anything. Organized all by size and nested all the similar containers.organized

Then neatly back into the cupboard with all the lids organized by size and type in separate baskets.back



So there you go, a nice positive activity for you while the man with the orange head drones on or rants or tweets or whatever goes on today.

Now that only killed about 90 minutes and I made the mistake of doing this two days ago. But there are always those closets or sorting my tax papers. And this container cupboard will probably only last a month before I have to start over. On a positive note in four years I’ll have the most organized and clean house in the world. Good luck to all, we are going to need it.


2 thoughts on “An Inauguration Day Project

  1. GREAT JOB organizing that Tupperware etc. I went shopping so I can play with my new toys and not watch the news. Hope I don’t go into debt trying to forget the next four years.

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