One more Thing before I Go

Me, yesterday.

Me, yesterday.

Me, on the right, today.

Me, on the right, today.

Well as I sit here sipping my camomile tea, knitting a few rows on a warm winter shawl and then reading a some lines from Emily Dickinson, I’ve had time to reflect on some of the things I wrote yesterday. I am not going to make any excuses, it was how I felt less than 24 hours from the presidential election. Some of the comments I received said I was wrong to call people who have a different opinion racists, bigots, misogynists…etc. That’s all it is? A difference of opinion?  I was accused of stereotyping the Trump supporters and I was the hateful bigoted one.  I call them labels but that’s beside the point. What I said was “the bigots, the racists, the misogynists, the haters, the fools, the naive, the idiots, had won the night.” I didn’t say all of the people who voted for Trump fall into those categories. And they don’t. But all the people who voted for Trump voted with those people. And it doesn’t change my opinion when I hear some really bad rhetoric coming straight out of the mouth of the candidate. For example,some people voted for him because they are pro-life, and I respect that, but then I hear The Donald say, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” Such respect for life. Thus my confusion. Thus my prejudice. Thus my stereotyping.

Time has helped lessen my shock and depression. Some excellent essays by Garrison Keillor and Michael Moore and Annie Lamott have helped me see Trump’s ascendency and final achievement in a new light. And before you scoff at these authors, take a look. Moore was actually saying before the election that Trump will win and why (point #4).  And it is all very logical. After my other post my sister called, my cousin extended a voice of reason and my mother pretty much worried about me. My cousin said this reminded him of Jesse Ventura, a wrestler, who became the governor of Minnesota in 1999. Why did he win? Because people were mad and weren’t going to take it anymore.  So I get it. You stuck it to us. Shocked our smug little faces. Huzzah! You’re not all idiots, many of you have just  “had it” with government and many have really good, honest reasons for voting the way you did. But he was your candidate. All 59,535,522* of you. When he does good stuff, take the credit, tell the rest of us, “I told you so.” But when he screws up, and he will, don’t cry about it. You get what you pay for. Now the other 59,755,284* of us ( yes, Hillary won the popular vote), admit, reluctantly, that he will be our president but he ain’t the boss. This is our America, our country. And we will be watching because we love our country as much as you do. We feel the rights of all need to be protected. Yep, the black, the white, the gay, the straight, the weak, the poor, the rich, the liberal, the conservative, the Muslim, the Christian, the Jew and even the bigot. We are going to call him on every “f*ck up”. ( Oh don’t be a prude I put in an asterisk ). I think some Republicans in Congress will be watching closely too, just a hunch.

So next time I say something you don’t agree with, explain your side of the issue. Me and my other 59,755,283 liberals will be waiting. We are the ones who have all our closets clean and all of our leaves raked. Gee, this camomile tea has really soothed my nerves. Does anyone have any tea cakes or crumpets to go with it?

Next post: No more politics, back to books.

*CNN, as of Nov. 10, 2016


4 thoughts on “One more Thing before I Go

  1. I found a reference to your blog on one of my old posts and realized I let you slip through the cracks over the last few years. Harder to keep up with blogs and write one’s own. I am getting ready for the women’s march in Madison on Saturday. We are trying to not let the election results make us crazy or give us heart attacks. But it is very difficult to keep up with the news when it is so dreadful. PS — Love Dorrie Greenspan and your take on the savory cookies. Great present!

    • So good to hear from you. I have a couple of friends driving down for the Madison March and a few others going to Washington. I wasn’t able to go but supported the March by knitting 13 Pussyhats for the marchers.

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