Dum Dum Dum, Dum da Dum, Dum da Dum

Spoiler Alert! yep, I mention things you don’t want to know,unless you are in the know.

forceWe finally made it to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I had to spend 5 days avoiding spoilers and over-enthusiastic reviewers who forgot to put “spoiler-alert” at the top of their articles. But I made it and wow!

Back in November, the 17th to be exact, our friend Michael emailed an idea for the foodies group. “How about we all go see Star Wars and then go out for dinner afterwards?” It didn’t take long for us and the third couple of our group (Patricia and Richard) to say, YES!!!!

We decide against the opening day cause we are old nerds and not interested in fighting the crowds or the kids with light sabers. So we picked the following Tuesday, the 22nd. I was charged with getting the tickets, Michael the dinner reservations. Two days before Christmas meant picking the theater furthest away from the huge shopping mall. None of us were interested in walking a half mile from our parking spot to the show. And two days before Christmas also means that even on a Tuesday the restaurants would be packed…ours was.

The movie: I really enjoyed it. It did seem very familiar as it seemed to echo Star Wars: A New Hope in many ways. Harrison Ford, even at 73, still played Solo at his cocky best. He has aged well. Weren’t some of his lines original to Episode 4? Carrie Fisher pulled off General Organa even though in person Carrie is a bit flaky she handled her role well.

Their first meeting in the movie, Han: “You’ve changed your hair.”
Leia: “
You’re wearing the same jacket.”


I loved these snippets of dialogue.  Chewie was Chewie. And of course C3PO and R2D2 eventually made their appearance. My favorite character was Rey, for she is the subtitle folks. Yep, the force is strong in her and it’s waking up. But then isn’t Luke her father?

picture from Comicbookmovie.com

picture from Comicbookmovie.com

My fellow movie goers did not think so but I contend she and Kylo Ren are cousins. By the way, these two have a very intense light saber battle. Great to see Luke finally. Did you notice the Mark Hamill was on-screen for 20 seconds and got 2nd billing in the credits? And Han, oh we will miss you.

All in all we had a great time. Now I can read all of the articles on who everyone is and why they are fighting. Like who’s the Resistance as opposed to the Republic and where the hell Supreme Leader Snope came from? (PS: He’s really Andy Serkis).

Afterwards we had a great time at a local restaurant, Plae Bistro where we hashed out the movie, shared our favorite moments, drank a lot of wine and ate good food (except for the Mushroom Spätzle, yuk).

I will end with a movie/food note. Did you spot the Romanesco Broccoli in Rey’s meal at Maz Kanata’s? A fractal vegetable, how delightful.

Romanesco Brocolli

Romanesco broccoli


9 thoughts on “Dum Dum Dum, Dum da Dum, Dum da Dum

  1. Saw the movie also and agree with your comments. Thought Carrie Fisher did a good job, considering her back ground.

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