An Old Friend Leaves Us

Today we had to face the death of a beloved pet. The dear little cat was named Shadow and he was my mother’s cat for at least 8 years and he was a sweetie. He came to her as an adult not a kitten. He was a long and lanky guy compared to his new roommate, the short and pudgy Sassy (my Mom’s other cat). He was kind of a goofball, hiding in the closet, behind the towels. Drinking out of the sink instead of a bowl. He loved to play, he loved to cuddle and when Sassy passed on he became the resident lap cat.



In the past year he started losing a lot of weight. He was still eating but his lankiness started to become more pronounced. Then my Mom fell in October. With three fractures in her pelvis, it was just too much for her to take care of him and herself. So the decision was made to board Shadow for a while. Fortunately his veterinarian also has a boarding service so one afternoon I picked him up and took him off to the Cat Care Clinic. My Mom called and checked on him everyday. For a few days he wouldn’t eat much and the assistants hand fed him. Then some diarrhea kicked in and the doctor asked if she could do some blood tests.  Results were inconclusive but by the time I picked him up 12 days later, he had probiotics, anti-diarrheal medicine and an one other pill. He came home to lots of tender loving care from my recuperating Mom. He started eating again, bowel movements stabilized and because he had a big heart he once again became her faithful companion for the next five weeks. Probably one of the main factors that got her through her healing.

But once she was up and around he started failing. The old symptoms came back, he seemed to lose more weight, if that was possible, and he just didn’t look good. This week, no food would stay in him at all and it was clear he had something very serious, like cancer, and was probably starving. His little heart was giving up. My mom made the tough, tough decision to have him euthanized. Curt and I took him back to the kind people at the clinic.

The Shadow knows.

The Shadow knows.

Today is a day of mourning but we will never forget the Shadow and his big heart and the joy he brought to my Mom’s life.


10 thoughts on “An Old Friend Leaves Us

  1. So sorry to hear about your Mother’s loss of her dear pet. Please send my condolences to your Mom and I remember her well for years back in DeKalb.

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