Tomatoes, finally!

longtomAll summer we waited for the tomatoes. Once they were planted in the spring, we worried there was too much rain, then not enough rain, then would the bugs get them or would critters bite them off (deer try anything, then “ack! ptooey!”, spit out the nasty tasting bits, leaving your plants just little stumps in the ground). As the summer rolled on, we hoped the blossoms would set and of course that it would rain. Into August we had a lot of set fruit but naturally it was green. So we worried about blossom end rot. We read in the news about tomato blight. I’m hoping, end of August, red ripe tomatoes, it won’t be long now. So we waited, and waited and waited.  Early September and they are still green, except for an occasional cherry tomato. Hardly what I wanted for my BLT sandwich.

But then they started getting red (finally!!!) and we went from famine to feast. In the beginning it was joyous. Fresh tomatoes from the garden are ruby-red treasures. We had them with our scrambled eggs at breakfast, on our sandwiches at lunch and sliced fresh on the table at dinner.  Curt would just grab cherry tomatoes out of the bowl on the counter and eat them like candy. He made tomato soup and roasted tomatoes to freeze. He even smoked some. (getting them lit is the challenge, ha-ha).

Roasted. Ready to pack and freeze.

Roasted. Ready to pack and freeze.

As I write this, October is only 4 days away. Not only have we eaten a lot of tomatoes, I have given them to family, friends (who now run when they see me) and even strangers (I have a table with tomatoes at the road and a “free, take them” sign). They are in baskets everywhere in my kitchen.

Free! Free! Free!

Free! Free! Free!

I love fresh tomatoes and nothing I buy at the grocery can compare and I hate it when the season is done but can there be too much of a good thing? There are still quite a few on the plants and they will continue to ripen till the first frost, which may be late this year, so the end is not in sight, yet. Eventually Curt will finally say, ‘forget about them,’ but after waiting sooo long, it just seems a shame not to pick and use every one. And so it goes…

basketI wonder, can you get tired of bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches?

3 thoughts on “Tomatoes, finally!

  1. I’m jealous! We got one tomato, which rotted while we were out of town, and a dozen or so cherry tomatoes. Sigh… That’s what happens when you plant an oak tree in the vegetable garden.

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