Blood Price Paid

Ever wonder why raspberries are so expensive? Whether they are from your local grocery store or from a farmer’s market they always seem to be $5.00 a pint or $3.00 for a 1/2 pint. And that is true of red or black raspberries.

We happen to be lucky as a huge stand of black raspberry canes have taken up residence behind our barn/out building. Today we did, probably, the 4th picking of the season and brought in about 5 quarts. That has been about average for each picking. So we have eaten them fresh, made ice cream, froze a bunch and gave some away to friends.

Black raspberries, picked fresh today!

Black raspberries, picked fresh today!

Yes, these are free. Well. almost. There is a price of sorts. That is not raspberry juice on Curt’s arms in the 2nd picture below. Black raspberries, especially, have really big nasty thorns that are determined to guard those berries.

You shall not pass!!!

You shall not pass!!!

So if you don’t wear long sleeves..because it is so frigging hot, or you hate snagging your sleeves on the thorns everytime you reach for a berry, you run the risk of getting tiny rips in your skin. Raspberries are also pretty fragile so hand-picking is the only way to get them.

I'm not sure I even marked all of them.

I’m not sure I even marked all of them.

And that’s why raspberries are expensive.


4 thoughts on “Blood Price Paid

  1. Great post that brought back memories. We inherited cultivated red bushes & wild black bushes at the home we bought in WV, and wild black bushes in IL. Love berries, so having our own fresh was wonderful. The bloody arms? The “price” paid at the bush vs the checkout counter!


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