Lunch: A Simple Charcuterie/Antipasti

As I was about to open a can of soup for us, Curt said, “Did you forget I was going to prepare a charcuterie for lunch?” I had forgotten.

He and a friend had gone antiqueing and junking yesterday in Door County. However it is morel mushroom season in Wisconsin so there are other fine goodies to be had in Door County besides old postcards and interesting farm tools. Along with the cherry butter he bought me, he had picked up a basket of morels. Some of those mushrooms had been designated for today’s lunch.

Now technically, a charcuterie is a platter of cured and prepared meats, sausages and patés, along with some cheeses. Our only meat was a dry cured salami. Thus I am suggesting we also had antipasti even thought this was the meal and not the entrée or ‘appetizer’.

plattersThe plate on the left has toasted baguette slices topped with butter-fried morels.

The plate on the right has blanched green beans and Michele’s Polish Tomatoes. That is tomato slices with salt, pepper, sugar and dill. Our friend Michele in Indiana served us these some 30 odd years ago and they are a fine simple preparation.

Since this was lunch, an iced tea and a paper napkin was all that was needed before we started to eat. We will save that can of soup for another day.



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