Cruciferous Vegetables Revisited

A couple of posts ago I saluted comfort foods and cruciferous veggies was one of my favorites. Those of you who say, Ewww!, when broccoli or cauliflower are mentioned, should just stop now. It’s only going to get worse, because I am adding a new cruciferous vegetable to my list.

Curt hit the final Farmer’s Market of the season on Saturday and came home with this little beauty.

Romanesco Cauliflower

Romanesco Cauliflower

Isn’t it just beautiful? It is a Romanesco Cauliflower and it is even more amazing closeup. All the little “trees” that make it up are composed of many tinier little “trees” or “flowerets.” If you wanted you could literally pull each little piece off like a vegetable Lego project. And I mean even the itty bitty bumps. Curt explained to me its structure was a natural fractal, so math majors should just eat this up. (Yes, I had to look it up too.)

like tiny green legos

like tiny green legos

Okay, now that I’ve gotten past my oo-ing and aww-ing, let’s cook it up. Curt just steamed it whole. Unlike a regular cauliflower once you start breaking this one apart a lot of the tiny bits fall off, so whole made sense and worked just fine.

brocoMy photo doesn’t do it justice but frankly it did not change too much in color and it kept its shape quite well. There is a core in the center so we just cut off flowerets with a knife. Pair it with garlic aioli sauce and add red potatoes and homemade pastrami and you have a wonderful Autumn meal. The flavor is a very mild cauliflower, nothing too different or extraordinary. But visually, it is so cool. Try serving to your kids, tell them it used to live under the sea with Spongebob.

On the plate w/ aioli

On the plate w/ aioli


3 thoughts on “Cruciferous Vegetables Revisited

  1. We went to the market with a “want” list that included cauliflower. No cauliflower. When we saw this fellow, we had no idea what it was…but I was so tempted to buy one just to photograph. Now, I wish I had: photographed it, then eaten the remains!

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