Comfort Food Saturday



This isn’t going to be a recipe post, this is going to be a salute to comfort food. I knew Curt was going to prepare a duck breast Saturday night but I really never hang around the kitchen so it is mostly a surprise when I come down for dinner. (I’m usually in my studio working on journals or my photographs). And this past Saturday I spent a lot of time in my studio because it was cold (high of 49) and rainy and damp. It was a perfect day for comfort food and to my delight along with the duck were two of my all time favorites, cauliflower and sweet potatoes.

I  know cauliflower is not on everyone’s list but I am a big fan of cruciferous vegetables. You can give me broccoli, brussels sprouts or kohlrabi any time. But I think cauliflower is at the top of my list. Mash it, boil it, grill it, curry it, I love it any way it is prepared. For last night’s dinner Curt roasted it in the oven with oil and salt, and then pan roasted with butter. The greens are micro-basil sprouts. I had seconds and thirds.

cauliflowerNext up, sweet potatoes. These were done quite simple but really, sweet potatoes don’t need too much. A little butter and they are heaven on earth. Here are ours. Baked, buttered and perfect. Not very photogenic but very good.

sweet potatoFinally the duck breast. This was started skin side down in a cold dry pan. Once the skin was browned, it was put in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes. Sliced and drizzled with a sauce from duck drippings/honey/red wine vinegar/orange rind cubes. My words cannot express to you how good this was. Swoon.

duckSo there’s my comforting tale. And you know, while we ate dinner, it wasn’t dark or cold or rainy or damp.


7 thoughts on “Comfort Food Saturday

  1. Jeanne. We are kindred spirits. Add other root veggies and I’m in heaven. I could gorge on these..Brussels sprouts. Me too, swoon.

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