A Smokin’ Sunday

sliceA couple of years ago I whined about my husband buying a smoker and how I didn’t think we’d get much use out of it. Well he’s been smokin’ and flamin’ and cookin’ and we’ve been eatin’ some great food ever since. I am happy to say I was wrong.

I am just amazed how basically easy it is, well once you have a smoker. This weekend he decided to do a brisket. Granted, it’s a big piece of meat but once it is done we freeze the remaining meat and have some great read-to-eat meals throughout the winter.

Here’s how it is done with lots of pictures.

Get the fire going. Essential. You’ll need a bunch of wood, now and later, and some hot coals to put under said wood. So put your coals in a starter and once they are ready, so are you. Hot coals first then wood on top.

Wood - Coals - Layered

Wood – Coals – Layered

Fire hot? Okay. Salt and pepper your brisket on both sides. Put it on the grill. Close the top and you are smoking!


Salt - Pepper - On the grill

Salt – Pepper – On the grill

smokerNow, pretty much you wait. Add more wood as it burns down, peek at the meat once in a while, have a taste to see how it’s doing.

Add more wood - Looks good - Tastes good

Add more wood – Looks good – Tastes good

About six-seven hours later (although longer would be better), stick in your meat thermometer and see if you’ve reached 180 degrees.  Once you’ve hit 180˚ the meat is done but not necessarily tender.  Holding it at 180˚ for a few hours will fix that.  The easy way to do that is remove the meat from the smoker, put it in a shallow pan, cover tightly with foil and put into a low (225˚ – 250˚) oven for several hours.

Now comes the best part, bring that finished brisket in, let it rest for about 15 minutes then slice it up and put it on a bun. Add BBQ sauce of your choice ( homemade or bottled, I’m a fan of Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet and Spicy, but Curt likes Famous Dave’s Texas Pit Sauce ), add some slaw or beans on the side and you are good to go.

Sliced thin

Sliced thin

A nice cold beer would accompany this just fine.

beans and slaw


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