Monday Morning View Out My Window #7

I have a crappy cold and the last thing I was thinking this morning was, “rise and shine, take a picture out your window for the blog series.” Why the heck did I start a blog series anyway? I’m sick, boo. But then there was my Sweetie, pushing up the shade and asking me if I shoot vertically or horizontally. I raised my stuffy head from the pillow and said, “horizontal, get the tree in and don’t forget the pipe.” Then my head went back down.

Later when I looked at the picture, I knew it wouldn’t be the same but boy, damn close. He did pretty good from my vague directions. I also thought it was nice of him to get the shot when I was barely lucky enough to remember what day it was.windowAnd the other reason he rushed up to get the shot at this precise time? Can you see those tiny black dots out in the field? Even enlarged you might miss them so I’ve done it for you.

turkeyTurkeys! In ten minutes they were gone. So Curt, thanks for the shot.


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