Just Around the Corner

Getting tired of views from my window? Well those were easy posts for me to do with only an iPad mini to work with. But you have to pack light when traveling. For the last week, Me, my Sweetie and the two couples from our foodie group have been in a city known for its culinary delights, Paris. After months of planning, the time finally arrived when we all departed on different days and met up on May 15th at a flat on rue des Grands Degres in the 5th arrondissement, you know, just across the street from Notre Dame Cathedral. (see previous post).

It was a very nice neighborhood (well maybe not always-more on that in another post) and we were ready for adventures. A few steps away from the apartment was the Cafe Beaurepaire where we spent many an afternoon having a cafe creme or a glass of beer. Their food was pretty good as well.

Cafe Beaurepaire

Cafe Beaurepaire

There are wonderful cafes like this everywhere in Paris. At this little corner there was another just across the street and two more a half a block away. We frequented this one because it was so close to our apartment and after a long day of walking through museums and visiting major landmarks it was a welcome sight.

After one particularly long day Curt and I stopped in for a white wine and a beer. Feeling a bit peckish (and knowing that dinner was a long way off – Paris doesn’t even start thinking about dinner till 7:30), we perused the menu for something to “snack” on. Grilled Camembert on brown bread/Salad verte au lardons de Jambon sounded pretty good but it proved to be amazing! I’m not sure what I expected but it wasn’t a three-inch round of hot cheese just ready to run out of its wooden binding. I think I was expecting a smaller serving. The Lardons de Jambon is bacon, oh yes!  And of course, a bit of salad. They give you a few leafy greens to make you feel less guilty about devouring the rich and salty food on the other side of the plate.a roundSo here is where we rested, drinking wine and enjoying our afternoon snack and thinking, wouldn’t it be great to have a place like this around the corner of our home in the States? Hmm, that means I would have to walk at least five hours everyday, get a job to support my camembert/bacon habit and probably still have to buy pants one size larger. How do those Frenchman stay so skinny anyway?


4 thoughts on “Just Around the Corner

  1. I think I ate at that cafe, too! Some day I hope to go back and more thoroughly explore. I was only there for a few days, but it was amazing.

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