Have I Learned Anything?

UntitledYou’ve been putting up with posts on the things that make me do a happy dance and the things that drive me up a wall as I count down to this day. Well here it is, May 2, my birthday, my 65th birthday to be exact. Medicare has sent me cards and presents. Every health insurance company in the world , it seems, has also sent me many happy returns of the day. Three, four times over. I feel so special. But enough with the people who have destroyed ten trees to send me junk mail, the burning question of the day is, have I learned anything at all in my 65 years on this earth? I think anyone answering that question would be lying if they said no. We’ve all learned something – how to walk, dress ourselves, take out the garbage when it starts to smell (or better yet, before it starts to smell), but what about those extra things, those nuggets of wisdom, that only come from experience?

My birthday selfie

My birthday selfie

Here are fifteen of mine. Some are pearls of wisdom, the others, well let’s just call them common sense or dumb luck.

1. Contrary to Phillip Roth, Love means saying you’re sorry. Only do it if you are sincere but do it when called for.

2. Marry a man who loves to cook and does it all of the time. I did! I’m happy to clean and that’s why it works so well for us. We’ve made it to 40 years and counting.

3. Have cats as pets over dogs. Want to go away for the weekend? Just put out a big bowl of food and a big bowl of water and they are good for a couple of days. Can’t do that with dogs.

4. Waiting to start having kids was a good thing. I was 37, Curt was 40.  We had fun and freedom in the early years of our marriage (13 of them). By the time I was a parent I was older, wiser and more patient.

5. Movies are always better in the theater than on TV, even a TV with a big screen. Give me a dark movie house anytime. Turn out the lights, disappear into the story. Ahh!

6. Fight toenail fungus with nail polish. All the medicines out there either don’t work or are too expensive. And that goes for home remedies too. So just hide it. Sorry guys, this solution might not work for you.

7. I should have started exercising thirty years ago and stuck with it. Because catch-up is hell!

8. As you get older you get braver or maybe you just don’t worry about stuff as much.

9. There is no point to Powerpoint. I can’t tell you how many hours I have wasted listening to someone read their PP presentation to me. It’s an aid folks! If you’re a PP reader save future generations this agony, just print it off and send it out.

10. Ground hogs are not accurate predictors of meteorological conditions and should not be consulted. Yep, I’ve learned that.

11. It is really good to learn how to change a tire, because the day it goes flat is the day your significant other is out-of-town. Just to be on the safe side get regular tune-ups and oil changes too.

12. Even the most admirable, honest, trustworthy politician will let you down eventually.

13. No matter how old you get you still fly by the seat of your pants in a lot of situations – more often than you know.

14. You get what you pay for but you can’t always afford the best. So you get what you can.

15. There is still a lot to learn.

Well, that’s it gang. I’m treating myself to a massage today, then my sweetie is taking me out to dinner. But the big present is a trip to Paris.

Bonus #16 Find someone who loves to travel!!!  Ta ta!

Note: The new header picture is from the painting “Fuego” by Maura Vasquez


8 thoughts on “Have I Learned Anything?

  1. Some of those were very very good advice. Happy Happy 65, you have many more good years in you.

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