I’ve Got Nothing

Boy I’ve had brain freeze lately. Some of the bloggers I follow are clever everyday. I am impressed. Heck, I’m impressed with the ones who post every other day or every third day. My last post was January 26th and it’s not like I haven’t been doing anything, just not anything I can make sound interesting.

I’ve been caught up in back and hip exercises; trying to tighten my core, get in alignment and stop the pain. No one wants to hear about that, you’ve got pains of your own.

exercise 1I watched a boring Superbowl game, all the way to the end, just to see the commercials. For the record I liked the Coke commercial and I know ‘America the Beautiful’ is not the National Anthem, unlike many of my ignorant countrymen.

I’ve been building books. Even sold one.
rhsfrontand we’ve been planning our next Foodie Group dinner —-> February 13th
Grocery List so far: filo, olives, golden raisins, fennel, cauliflower, pistachios, mushrooms, onions…hint, it’s going to be a Middle Eastern theme.
However, none of these activities have inspired me to pick up the laptop. So bear with me dear followers, I’ll be back. If nothing else, the awesomeness of the dinner we are putting together will blow you away but I hope I can get the muse working before then.


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