Another Turn of the Page: Year End

“Why can’t people just sit and read and be nice to each other?”
-David Baldacci, The Camel Club


The year is almost over so I’d better get this book list in here before the clock strikes twelve. This was our last meeting of the month for The Attic Book Group. And after looking through the list I dub it the books about people. From Harold Fry to Jacob Barber, from Sookie Poole to July Montgomery, this month’s books were filled with memorable characters. We’ve even got the Green Bay Packers courtesy of sports reporter Jessie Garcia. ( I just had to specially mention that book because the Pack beat their biggest rivals, the Chicago Bears, this week).

So load one of these on to your Kindle tonight, it’s supposed to be -23 by morning and no one is going anywhere.


My Life with the Green & Gold by Jesse Garcia (2013) 240 pages. Wisconsin sportscaster Jesse Garcia tells us about her twenty years on the sidelines at Lambeau Field, in the locker room, aboard the team bus and finally the host of The Mike McCarthy Show. A must read for any Green Bay Packer fan.

Christmas Train by David Baldacci (2003) 272 pages. Tom Langdon, banned from flying because of a “hostile” incident with the TSA, is forced to take a train from Washington D.C. to LA to spend Christmas with his girlfriend. Love, life , Christmas cheer and an old flame are also on board. (This book submitted by the only male member of our group; he loves Christmas novels. We love you, Pete.)

Honolulu by Alan Brennert (2009) 360 pages.  “Picture Brides” who journey to Hawaii in 1914. Historical fiction at its best.

Defending Jacob by William Landay (2012) 432 pages. Fourteen year old Jacob is charged with the murder of a fellow student. His mother and father rally to his side but are they blinded by parental love?

Driftless by David Rhodes (2008) 352 pages.  When July Montgomery comes to the fictional town of Words, Wisconsin, he affects the lives of all who live there. A wonderful story of small town life with a great cast of characters.

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce (2012) 320 pages. Harold receives a letter from a dying friend. On his way to the post box with his return letter, he decides that if he walks to the hospital (500 miles away), she will survive the cancer. So he keeps walking.

Cemetery Dance by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child (2009) 435 pages. 9th book in the FBI Special Agent Pendergast series but works as a stand alone. These are crime thrillers with some odd touches, this one has a vodou element.

The Man in the Rockefeller Suit by Mark Seal ( 2011) 336 pages. “The astonishing rise and spectacular fall of a serial imposter”. Clark Rockefeller is not his name and he doesn’t even know a Rockefeller. A twist on the success story of the self-made man. True story.

The All Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion by Fannie Flagg (2013) 368 pages. More great characters ( Sookie Poole, Lenore Simmons Krackenberry and Fritzi Jurdabralinski) and a charming tale from a great storyteller. You’ll also learn a lot about the WASPS, the female branch of the air force.

That’s the December list.

One final note, I didn’t quite get to my goal of reading 50 books in the year, only 48, shy by two. Curt did 13 in 2013, all non-fiction.
Our eclectic list is posted under the Books Read tab up top. Happy New Year!

7 thoughts on “Another Turn of the Page: Year End

  1. You are the coolest. Should have done this earlier. Want to follow for books, birds and neat recipes. Did not know you do and did fiber arts.

  2. Aaaah! I want to read the one about Clark Rockefeller! Seriously, I HAVE to get that. I was a sophomore in college when that whole thing happened and I was absolutely OBSESSED with the story. *squeal* Seriously I am majorly geeking out over here, I hadn’t thought of him in a long time! *rushes to book store, despite it being 3AM*

    • Get a Kindle. Download in the comfort of your bed. Seriously, the gal who reviewed this for our group really enjoyed the book and was totally amazed how he did this for so long.

      • It’s so freaking scary and fascinated that he was able to pull it off… aaahhh okay I have the kindle app on my iPad and its totally neglected, need to get on that…

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