There’s a Puck in the Knock Box!

That’s what he said. Our whole vocabulary has changed since Curt got this for his birthday.

coffee maker

The control panel of The Barista Express

Get ready to make coffee.

Fill the bean hopper. Insert your 1 or 2 cup filter into the portafilter and insert into the grind outlet. Engage the grinding activation switch. Hold until the desired amount of ground coffee is dosed. Remove portafilter and tamp the coffee down firmly (30-40 psi), using the tamper.  The razor precision dose trimming tool allows you to trim the puck. Insert the portafilter under the group head, lock in place and press the one  (or two) cup button. The extraction will begin.

Simple as that. Yes, we are extracting the espresso, texturing the milk by using the steam wand and becoming baristas in our own home. I know it sounds like we should have uniforms with our team logo and sell tickets to the next brewing match but it is simpler than the manual makes it sound.

Portafilter, razor and tamper

Portafilter, razor and tamper

Translation: Grind the coffee into a filter, press it down, level it off. Put the filter under the water spout and hit start. Coffee will come out so make sure your cup is under the spout.

My sweetie has been wanting one of these espresso machines ever since he saw a similar one at a friend’s house. When he told me the price I said I wasn’t interested in taking out a second mortgage so, short of robbing a bank, could he find a way to get the extra money.

Ebay to the rescue. He’s been threatening for awhile to sell a lot of old collectibles and stuff that has been gathering dust in the basement and the studio but now that carrot, or rather, that espresso machine hanging at the end of the stick, gave him the incentive he needed. Flash ahead 5 weeks and as I was leaving to go to my book group, he told me he was heading out to Bed Bath and Beyond to order the machine. It just so happened a 20% off coupon arrived around that time but from the wording it sounded like this purchase would not be eligible. Oh well. He took it with anyway.

When I arrived home from my meeting, there is stood in all its glory.

The Barista Express

The Barista Express

He didn’t have to order it, they had them in stock. (Probably because of Christmas). His coupon was good and 20% adds up when you are spending hundreds. So with his eBay money, gift cards and coupon he got the machine of his dreams with money left over.

Good thing because there was coffee to buy and a water filtering pitcher and of course, the knock box. What’s a ‘knock box” you say?  It’s a small container with a very sturdy bar inside you whack the portafilter against to knock out the puck (aren’t you glad you asked?).

But it’s all good. The coffee is great. I certainly enjoy the other new words around here: cappuccino, americano, latte.

And the next time he’s taking out the trash and asks me to get the puck from the knock box…

Puck (used coffee grounds) in knock box

Puck (used coffee grounds) in knock box

I’ll know its not a punchline for a bad joke or an errant hockey player scoring in my kitchen.

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