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My friend Terra has a blog, Life as a Field Trip, where she likes to do a Throwback Thursday. This week when I popped in to see what she was resurrecting I could not believe my eyes, it was from 2002 but it was all too familiar. Mainly because I had written it. Well the part she posted she had written, I just did the editing.  Her throwback was the front page of a newsletter called BOOKMARKS that I wrote, designed, edited and compiled when I worked for the Brown County Library.

Three BOOKMARKS newsletters

Three BOOKMARKS newsletters

I did a lot of things like this. As a reader advisory librarian my job was mostly about marketing, that is, getting books into the hands of the customers. This was one of those ideas. I started it in 1999. It was a two-sided page that came out monthly. Front page featured my editor’s short column and a wider Staff Picks column (that’s what Terra posted). Back page had three columns that might be anything from a featured author to topics that corresponded with the month to a fiction category. The one below was for March/April so the Academy Awards and the IRS guided my choices.  Add some appropriate clip-art and send it off to the County printer.

Back page example

Back page example

I did roughly the same format through 2006, but by then it was getting harder and harder to get staff to give me a list with annotations.  So for the next two years I changed the front page to a Featured Author. Ten years….120 issues and then I burned out. Administration didn’t want to see it go but they couldn’t convince another staff member to take it on. Frankly, it was time to end it. When I started this, everyone and their second cousin didn’t have a tablet or a smartphone, so it worked. There wasn’t a Goodreads or a Slice Bookshelf or a zillion Book Blogs. Who knows how I’d be pushing books if I was still there?

It was a lot of fun. Terra’s Throwback Thursday brought back some great memories. (She even got a comment from a librarian I hadn’t heard from in years who still remembered when she herself was featured in Staff Picks.)  And if you are looking for some new titles to add to your reading list Terra still stands by every title she recommended back then. Visit her blog if you also might enjoy the adventures of a busy creative Mom and fulltime Librarian.


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