It’s Halloweeeeen!!!!!


“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes”
Macbeth -William Shakespeare


I love that quote for so many reasons. It is said by the witches in Macbeth who evidently can detect evil in the crackling of their thumbs. How marvelous. It’s like knowing something is going to happen because the hair on the back of your neck (or your thumbs) is standing up. Or that shivery feeling you have when it’s night and you’re curled up in bed reading a Stephen King novel and… you suddenly need to either get up and turn on another light or put the book down and pull the covers over your head.

Ray Bradbury used this quote for the title of his book, Something Wicked this Way Comes.  The story, about a nightmarish carnival coming to a small Midwestern town during the month of October, is a beautiful mix of horror and fantasy.  And it is one of my favorites, not just because it is a wonderful story but how can you not love characters named William Halloway (born one minute before midnight on October 30) and Jim Nightshade (born one minute after midnight on October 31)?  So Halloween being my favorite holiday, yeah, I like this book alot?

So with the best holiday upon us I have just finished my traditional carving of the pumpkins. They are my wards against the dark, against the bumps in the night. They are the sentinels that will guard my door when the wall between the spirit world and our world becomes thin and the spirits can cross over more easily.

Seriously, it’s just fun. Here are this year’s Pumpkin Jacks! Stand strong fellows!

And those guys up top? Paper pumpkins I made for a local group of 3rd and 4th graders.

Morning after Trick or Treat

Morning after Trick or Treat

I love Halloween!

I love Halloween!

Three Punks

Three Punks


9 thoughts on “It’s Halloweeeeen!!!!!

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  2. I wish you lived in the same neighborhood as our 3-yr-old twin grandsons. They would especially like the barfing pumpkin : )

  3. Extraordinary work!
    We had three pumpkins, including a pumpkin man, but we only had 15 kids climb our steps and cry “Trick or Treat!”
    What has happened to the world this year?

  4. Too wonderful …the top 2 for the kids….the rest is just great fun….keep it up and looking forward to the next stir of the spoon

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