A Good Bun is Hard to Find

My hotdog lunch w/ yellow mustard, dill relish and tomato slivers.

My hotdog lunch w/ yellow mustard, dill relish and tomato slivers.

I know we promised you Chinese Food at the end of the previous post but Curt is still fussing with the pictures from our trip and hasn’t located the precise images he needs to express his food rant so I thought it was time for a great hot dog. You heard me, hot dog …a sausage, a frankfurter, encased meat. Hot dogs get a bad rap. All that talk about what is really inside the casing and what the casing is made of has frightened away people from a really enjoyable foodie experience. But more about the dog later, the really critical part is the bun.

My experience with hot dog buns is that soft, squishy Wonder Bread type of bun that comes in a package of eight while the hotdogs come in packages of ten. To make everything come out even you really have to buy 5 packs of buns and 4 packs of dogs. But you’ll get really tired of eating hotdogs long before you use them up. Sure you can freeze everything but by the time I am in the mood for a hotdog they have all experienced major freezer burn. And frankly those soft buns just don’t freeze well. The other problem with finding the perfect bun is size. They are either way too short or if you decide to go with a brat bun, way too thick and big. Both are just too much bread and not very good bread at that.

A couple of months ago while picking up our favorite ciabatta bread made by “New French Bakery Take N’ Bake”, Curt noticed that they also made nice sized breadsticks.  Breadsticks that just might work as  hot dog buns. New French Bakery bread is especially good for store-bought because once you get it home you pop it in a 375 degree oven for 3-5 minutes. It comes out with a nice crust and tastes like fresh-baked. The breadsticks are 6.5 – 7 inches long. Longer than a regular bun but also narrower.

New French Bakery products

New French Bakery products

New French Bakery breadstick,

New French Bakery breadstick, 7″ long

We had found the perfect bun. A nice crust, flavorful, and just the right size for a Nueske’s Big Dog, extra long hot dog. No not Oscar Meyer, then you might have to worry about what might be inside, but a Nueske’s, pork/beef wiener in natural casing, Applewood smoked . A really good hot dog, fried up with just a light char.

Nueske's hot dog

Nueske’s hot dog, at least 7″ long

Now for the condiments. Curt made a spicy relish by using a Mixed Pickle Relish. It was the closet he could find to a mango pickle. His relish had one part mixed pickle to one part minced fresh tomato. The other item was thin slices of tomato.

Spicy relish and thin tomato slivers

Spicy relish and thin tomato slivers

But I’m not a spicy relish person. My condiments of choice, Mustard Girl: Sweet n’ Fancy Yellow and a great home-canned dill relish, a gift from a friend. I added some of those tomato slivers. Perfect.


Mustard and Relish

But no matter what condiments you prefer if you add a natural weiner to one of these breadstick “buns”, you’ll have an ideal hot dog lunch.  A nice break from Chinese food. The only problem: 6 breadsticks…….10 hot dogs! Oh well.


4 thoughts on “A Good Bun is Hard to Find

  1. We have found that we get a good package of buns in the bakery section and take them to the counter, asking for two, three ,four buns. No more freezing hamburger and hot dog buns. Can’t do this with Wonder bread buns.

  2. Reading this at 6:30 am I am considering this as a new option for fall. And to think I consider hot dogs a summer thing…

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