The Obsessive Packer vs Mr. What’s the big Deal?

We are about to embark on a two-week trip abroad. I have been obsessing about packing since we booked the trip 4 months ago. I am a terrible packer. I take waaay too much because I keep thinking of all the possibilities of weather (rain, sun, cold, hot), situations (dress, casual) and accidents (spilling coffee down my only other pair of pants.) So to make sure I’m covered (literally), I pack as much as I can cram into a largish suitcase and then more into a carry-on. If we are driving, I’m good. The trunk of our car is big and I don’t have to get it all into one case.  I also can throw two extra pairs of shoes, another jacket and two more hats in the back seat. But air travel is another story, and on this trip we will be doing a lot of moving around in-country so I have been admonished by friends and relatives and husband to “pack light!”

Other phrases thrown my way,

“No one looks at what you are wearing.”
“You will never see these people again.”
“Are you nuts, taking all that stuff?”

So I went through my dresser and closet and did a packing dry run last week. I put in almost everything I wanted to take plus the clothes I would be wearing on the day we travel, with the logic that once I put that outfit on, I’d have room for souvenirs…or another pair of shoes. No, no, no! Two pairs of shoes are just fine. Since then I’ve tweaked the contents of my original pack and my second grade math skills have come in handy. Did you know two pairs of pants and a skirt times six tops is 18 outfits? I bought a travel dress that rolls into a tight ball and doesn’t wrinkle when you unroll it, that’s at least 3 more outfits right there.

I know what you’re thinking, one pair of pants, 3 tops and the dress, stick them in a duffel bag and what you aren’t wearing is hanging in the bathroom drying. Sorry, can’t do that. Hey I’m already taking half the amount of underwear I would usually pack plus a tiny pack of detergent and pantiliners. I have heard the phrase “four ways – four days” (you know – back, front, inside, outside) but for me that would be a real emergency, like if my checked bag didn’t make it to my destination, ever. Truthfully, I’d probably buy underwear before resorting to that solution.

Today is my second run through. Ignore the cat, he wants to come but it ain’t gonna happen. Looks pretty good.


My husband is accompanying me on this trip, so you might ask about his pre-trip organization. This is what his preliminary packing looks like. With him it will get more frantic the night before departure. That’s when I get questions like “Where’s my ……?”

His carry-on

His carry-on. The suitcase hasn’t been found yet.

Looks like socks and pants will be going along.

Looks like socks and pants will be going along.

Well I think I am ready but I can always hope there will be a lot of extra room in his case for more of my underwear. Bon Voyage!


4 thoughts on “The Obsessive Packer vs Mr. What’s the big Deal?

  1. I love this post–so true for Michael and me when we get ready for a trip, but the roles are reversed. I call him “Jacket Man” as he wants to have a jacket for every possible kind of weather–which will be interesting next week when we leave for Rome (hot) and then Amsterdam (cool, rainy). The tension rises.

  2. My first thought upon seeing your title was that one of you is more into footbal than the other. One other travel quote is to pack twice as much money and half as many clothes. Looks like you are cutting back. You’ll be happy to have such a light suitcase to haul around. Wishing you a wonderful experience.

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