A Spargelfest in my Garden?


Three years ago in May I was crabbing and carrying on and blogging about our 30 year old asparagus patch and how it just didn’t produce like it did in years past. Not sure why I was giving those poor old roots such a hard time, I don’t exactly produce like I did thirty years ago either.

The patch is now three years older and after a hard cold winter and a pretty chilly spring I wasn’t expecting much. So yesterday when Curt waved at me from his riding mower to get my attention and then made a lot of hand gestures and starting doing charades I didn’t know what was going on.

Sounds like – growing, garden, um…breaking, take a break? take a nap? No, break..cut …cut growing things. Then he pointed emphatically toward the far end of the garden and I figured out the message was, “Go pick the asparagus, Sweetie!” I added the sweetie since I’m sure that’s what the squinting and grimacing and the final hand gestures meant.

Down to the garden I trekked, basket and knife in tow. Sure its been warm (finally) and it has rained a bit, but seriously how much could there be amongst the dandelions, the thistles and the migrating raspberry plants in the OLD, decrepit, post-winter patch?



Three and a half pounds worth to be exact.  Surprise, surprise. And today, another pound and a half.

So what was the first thing we made with our bounty of green spears? Curt whipped up a couple of omelets that were just perfect. I guess a game of charades was worth it.


Well that leaves about four more pounds and remember, it hasn’t stopped growing. I think gifts for my book group tomorrow will be asparagus. Yep, gift bags of asparagus it is.

And Spargelfest? Well that’s German for asparagus festival of course. Many German cities hold an annual Spargelfest. They crown Asparagus Queens and have asparagus peeling contests and consume copious amounts of beer and wine. Hmm, something to think about for next year.


8 thoughts on “A Spargelfest in my Garden?

  1. We were a beneficiary of your fest– the asparagus was so crisp and mega-green tasty. We’d gladly help again with your bounty!

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