Vacation Aftermath

We got back late on Saturday from a week long birding trip in Indiana (2 days) and Ohio (6 days). I’m just starting to recuperate. Don’t get me wrong I love to travel and visit new places and have new experiences but once home it takes awhile to get myself and and my house back to normal. First, we are tired. Everyday was spent  hiking or walking dunes, a bog, woods, a marsh, fields. Vacations are seldom relaxing.

Second, there is a mountain of laundry. We packed enough clothes for a week so there was no need to do laundry on the road. I hate using laundromats anyway. I can never figure out those soap dispensing machines and I hate plugging quarters in the dryer every 20 minutes because my clothes are STILL not dry. I can’t imagine washing a quilt or a pile of bath towels. It probably would be cheaper to just buy new.

Anyway while I was doing the laundry on Sunday morning, the issue of food came up. Before we departed we ate down all the leftovers, the bread, the milk, the fruit and any veggies that wouldn’t make it till we got back but I had invited my Mother over for lunch in the afternoon (Mother’s Day) so a list and a grocery run was imperative. Curt got right on that. A menu of bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches, potato salad and iced tea would make food preparation easy once we had the actual food.

Fortunately I had cleaned the house before we left so everything was in pretty good shape. Only one little pile of cat puke and a hairball but those were easy since they were pretty dried up by now. Once the suitcases were emptied of clothes, which was now happily agitating in the washer, there were the souvenirs, the piles of pamphlets, maps, electronics (and their many charging cords) to be sorted and dealt with.

Sunday eventually went well, lunch was a success and we collapsed into bed that night feeling pretty organized.

Around 8 this morning, I made a post office run to pick up the mail we had held. It is now 3:00 pm and we have just gotten through all the envelopes, first sorting the junk (big pile) from the important mail (little pile). Then there was the stack of catalogs (BIG pile) and the magazines we actually subscribe to (little pile). Slowly, everything is getting back to normal.

So how was the trip? Wonderful. Of the 125 species we saw, 44 of the birds were new to our yearly list. Curt got four life birds for his list, I got two. But one of the birds we had in common was very special, a whip-poor-will. Found by another birder who pointed it out to the rest of us, we managed to get a photo. Can you spot the bird?

Find the Whip-poor-will.

Find the Whip-poor-will.

Tomorrow the suitcases get put back in the basement, the remaining errands get run and we get ready to go back out birding because migration is still in full swing and those birds won’t wait for us.


8 thoughts on “Vacation Aftermath

  1. I’m glad you had a good trip. I enjoyed your description of your return home duties. Imagine ours when we get home after 4 months away. It takes at least a week. But very worth it. Happy birding!

  2. How exciting to see a whippoorwill – I’ve only heard them when I lived in Kronenwetter – I had three male indigo buntings at my feeder this morning.

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