A Happy Bird-day

Today is my birthday. It was pretty low key. No piles of presents, no cake, no candles (good thing or we might have burned the house down), no special dinner (well, the chicken, spinach, dried tomato pizza was pretty good).

My Mom gave me a nice card with a sweet monetary gift inside and my sister sent a funny card with dogs on the cover and a close friend included the latest migration news from Colorado in her card. My son forgot completely. My husband wished me a happy birthday after lunch.

I’m not ragging on Curt. We leave on a ten day birding vacation tomorrow and we both have been caught up in all the prep it takes before one can take leave of their abode. Not just the packing but the finishing up of the perishable food, organizing the cat sitter, getting the garbage out, stopping the mail, alerting the neighbors, planting the onions, cleaning the pond…and if Curt had time, mowing the lawn. My birthday present will begin tomorrow when we head out.

But a surprising thing happened this afternoon. I was upstairs packing and Curt yelled my name.
“What!” I yelled back.
“Get down here now!” he replied loudly.
What the heck is going on? I stomped downstairs only to find him on the front porch saying, “It was just here, where did he go?” What, who, where????

And then, there he was, a tiny pure white bird with an orange beak.

Curt had seen him when he went out to finish up his pond cleaning. It had just started to rain and this little guy was on the porch. He kept hopping around on the steps, on the railing, on the porch…but not flying away. He obviously was fairly tame, probably an escaped cage bird. We observed him from the other side of the porch door and so did our cat, Butchie.



Poor Butch. He almost went through the glass a one point. His tail could have given your ankles whiplash if you got too close. But here was the dilemma. This little guy was not going to do very well on his own. Too tame. Also a storm was moving in and the temperature of 70 degrees yesterday had dropped to 40 degrees today. We have not one but two cats and are leaving tomorrow on vacation. There was no way we could bring him in. What to do?


Curt checked to see if he had a cage (turned out, more than one…he’s a packrat). Then to catch the little guy. He almost hopped on Curt’s hand but was a still a bit skittish. So we dropped a cloth over him and gently picked him up. I called the Humane Society Animal Intake line and described what we had. Yes, they took in birds, bring him over. Whew! Once there our little visitor was transferred to a much more spacious cage with water and food and he quickly started eating. They took his picture and would post it on their lost and found page but if no one claimed him they said he would be an easy adoptee. So my birthday became a bird day and very special because of a little lost Zebra Finch.


My Birthday Visitor


16 thoughts on “A Happy Bird-day

      • Sorry your birthday was so uncelebratory. Those sons have a way of forgetting those who love them most. But you had an interesting visitor, and now you get to have a fun get-away. Have a great trip, and see you in June.

      • I think he finally noticed on FB that it was my birthday and I got a message. But I will forgive him since he was shoveling out 8 inches of snow in Eau Claire.

  1. Looks like Butchie enjoyed your birthday birdie as much as you did. Hope your trip goes well and you see many new species.

  2. Smart bird, to come to the Heuer home! Perhaps an omen of more good things to come in your new year and as you go on your birding vacation.

  3. I join the others in saying it’s amazing that he came to your place of all possible choices. Very cool, though. Now, if you believed in reincarnation, this is obviously the soul of a birder, reborn as a bird, which must be its own kind of heaven.

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