Not Quite Fresh from the Garden but Close

Events are going to have a big effect on dinner around here in the next few days.

First, we are the hosts on Wednesday for the next meeting of our dinner group. We’ve posted about that group before so I’ll provide a link for any newcomers to our blog. We’ve been working on the menu for a while but now it is only 3 days away and things are getting tense. We may have bitten off more that we can chew because we are planning six courses and within those courses are nine new preparations. Just getting the logistics of this together so everything comes to the table in order and on time has us doing virtual walk-throughs. Curt has been doing practice runs on some of the new dishes and I’ve been putting together all of the tableware and silverware needed to serve everyone. We definitely could use some of the maids and footmen from Downton Abbey. They had about twelve in the kitchen serving six in the dining room. We have two in the kitchen serving six in the dining room, two of which are us.


Second, spring is finally emerging, migration has kicked in and the birds are starting to arrive up here in northeastern Wisconsin.  From now until mid-May, if birders (that’s us) want to see the maximum number of birds flying through to their even farther northern nesting ground, we have got to get out in the field often. Last week, we did two half days and one whole day. That time added 39 birds to our yearly list. No lifers but all new sightings for this year.

Insert into the week, volunteer obligations, appointments, laundry, sleep, shopping, house-cleaning…well, at the end of the day nether of us is interested in being creative for dinner. That’s when all that food work we did last fall pays off.

As we headed home from birding yesterday afternoon I asked the chef what was for dinner. He had no clue but he knew there were back-ups in the freezer. Dinner portions of moussaka, cabbage rolls and stuffed peppers were some of the choices. Dishes Curt put together when the garden was bountiful and baskets of eggplant and tomatoes sat in the kitchen.  Last night we thawed out some of the moussaka.


Tear up some lettuce, add onion and dress with oil and vinegar. Voila!! Dinner. Clean-up was easy too.


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