Books You Can Eat

ribbonNational Library Week (this year, April 14 – 20) is a national observance sponsored by the American Library Association. Each April libraries come up with very creative ideas to celebrate libraries, reading and books.  And it’s not just public libraries. I volunteer at the Cofrin Library at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay and this year for the big week they held an Edible Book Fest. To make an edible book, participants can be inspired by a favorite book, involve a pun on a title or simply use food to shape a book. Bottom line, you have to be able to eat it. Being a lover of books and a former librarian I decided to try my hand at making a tasty novel.

The toughest part to making an edible book  is picking the book. Fortunately I had a list of titles we had compiled when we had the rebus contest. This was sort of the same idea, but instead of cutting pictures out of magazines, I had to make pictures out of food. One title spoke to me and I decided to go visually like a rebus rather than a pun. I sketched out an idea and went shopping.



This was about to become, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?  by Philip K. Dick. And for those of you unfamiliar with this title, it was the basis for the movie Blade Runner.

The sheep came first. Chocolate cupcakes, white fluffy frosting, Snow Caps, Nerds and licorice gumdrops.


add gumdrops, snowdrops,nerds

add black gumdrops, Snow Drops,Nerds

Next the base. A square cake for the bed and a round cake for the dream. I trimmed the round cake so it would look like a dream bubble.


Then the decorating began. I tried to make my android look similar to the Android Phone logo. As you can see there is no chance I’ll be sued for copyright infringement. The only other android I know is Data so this one would have to do. Frosting for pillow and blanket with Nerds for the blanket pattern. Jellybean dream bubbles and spaghetti for the antennae. Coconut for the grass. Finally the best part, the electric sheep get their cords and plugs.



Adding the Nerds.

Adding the Nerds.

Android w/ green spaghetti antennae

Android w/ green spaghetti antennae

Licorice/linguini plugs

Licorice/linguine plugs

Put all together I had my interpretation of “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” I was surprised how much work it was and how long it took to make but it was worth it because I earned the “Biggest Wow Factor” award at the Edible Book Fest. Here’s the finished entry and if you follow this link you can view the other creative entries and the winners of People’s Choice, Punniest, Most Likely to be Eaten and Best Interpretation of a Title.



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