What’s in your Sandwich?

Today is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day.


I think, for the most part, this is a pretty international sandwich. It’s  sure an easy day to participate in because all you need is some bread, butter and cheese. Or substitute a tortilla for the bread and you’ve got quesadilla day.  Some of the morning television shows were doing more than Kraft slices on white bread by using an artisan bread or rye or sour dough and then going with some nice specialty cheeses. Add in some peppers or onions, or eggs and pesto, or tomato and sprouts or all of the above and you have a pretty interesting sandwich.

So I wondered what I had in my fridge to make a more than ordinary grilled cheese sandwich. First I had to start with bread. There was still enough bread left on the loaf Curt baked a few days ago to cut two slices. I buttered one side of each slice and put one piece, butter side down, in my frying pan.

This is Wisconsin so there is definitely cheese in my fridge. I chose three. Next on the bread went a slice of aged swiss and on top of that, a layer of 9-12 month old plain gouda from Holland’s Family Cheese. Before the third cheese I needed that veggie, that something different to set my grilled cheese sandwich apart. Last night we had sphagetti sauce and there were a few fresh button mushrooms left that hadn’t gone into the pot. Perfect. A layer of mushrooms and then a layer of provolone.

just before the 3rd layer of cheese

just before the 3rd layer of cheese

Top this with the other slice of bread and grill. Flipping is always the hard part but I managed it without losing any of the innards.

There you have it. A grilled three-cheese mushroom sandwich with a side of tabbouleh (also a leftover, from Wednesday’s lunch). I highly recommend using more than one cheese. The blended flavors turn out great. Anybody else make a grilled cheese today?


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9 thoughts on “What’s in your Sandwich?

  1. I love sourdough bread as it gets so crunchy. Use cheddar cheese, tomato and pizza cheese, for gooy gooy.
    Also butter the slices and do it in a frying pan.

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