The Rest of the Rebuses

Well folks, this isn’t working out the way we had hoped. While there have been a fair number of people looking at our rebus posts, there haven’t been enough playing along to make a contest of it. So, with this post we’re putting up all the remaining rebuses from the set, broken into two groups. This first group are ones that we are reasonably confident we have correct solutions for. The second group (in a separate post immediately following or just below this one if I posted correctly) are ones that we just don’t know or are not confident about.

We have decided to offer a prize of one of our crafted rebuses to the person who gets the most correct in this first group. In case of a tie, we will give out additional prizes. If you think you know any of these rebuses, feel free to post a Comment. You can post throughout the week and you don’t have to put all of your answers in one comment. We will keep track of your answers. Because there are so many more rebuses this time, please refer to the handwritten number in the upper left corner of each when Commenting so we can keep track of what you’re referring to. Deadline: Sunday, March 10, around 5pm.

Sorry about the uneven spacing of the images but WordPress bedevils me when it comes to placing images.

Good Luck!


Rebus.04 1











26 thoughts on “The Rest of the Rebuses

  1. 1 Ivanhoe 4 black Beauty 7 a tale of two cities 9 the red ribbon. 10 the crisis 11 still working on it! 14 lady of the lake. 20 paradise lost. 21 sesame and lilies. 22 the scarlet letter. 23 ten nights in a barroom 24 the pioneers
    Worked on these with the mister…oh such fun !!!

  2. Just wanted everyone to know we are getting alot of action on this batch of puzzles (comments held till the end). So keep those answers coming in.

  3. Okay — came up with 2 more: 22 — The Scarlet Letter; 20 — 10 Nights in a Barroom. I’m starting to drive myself crazy with the other 3 — and googling/binging hasn’t helped đŸ™‚

  4. Here’s what I have so far: 1 — Ivanhoe; 4 — Black Beauty; 7 — Tale of Two Cities; 9 — Beau Geste; 14 — Lady of the Lake; 20 — Paradise Lost; 21 — Sesame and Lillies. Still working on the others, though I came up with several undoubtedly wrong, but humorous, answers for #11 — I Love a Parade & Battle of the Bands (can’t find any novels by those names, but…)

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