Solutions to the Last Round and Changes for the Finale

If anyone besides our three entrants are following our very clever puzzle contest here are the answers to last week’s rebuses in A Miss + Tree 4 Ewe, Part 2.

The first (#16): Six to Sixteen: A Story for Girls by Juliana Horatia Ewing, 1875
6     2     16

(It was probably TOO easy. We figured it out, we just never heard of it.)

The second (#25): Evangeline by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1847

E + V (5 is V in Roman Numerals) + angel + eye + N + E

The third (#13): When Knighthood was in Flower by Charles Major, 1898
W + Hen     Night + Hood     “was” (in) a flower

(agreed, that hood looks like a bonnet but you take ’em as they come)

It wasn’t necessary to guess the authors. Three of you entered our little contest, two in our comments and one timid friend who sent me an email.
Only one got Six to Sixteen. Congratulations to Nancy Wobig. Nancy also got the other two, so she definitely gets the applause this week.
All three of our entrants got the other two correct so Wabi Sabi and Robbj are our other two winners. Our personal rebuses will be coming your way.

Sadly, we aren’t getting the response we hoped in helping our readers ‘beat the winter blues’ so our next rebus post will be the final one in this series. We’ll be changing things up a bit. There will be some real easy puzzles and some down right ball-busters. So come on back, tell your friends. Winter ain’t over yet.

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