And the answers are….

And now what you “all” have been waiting for, the results of , A Miss + Tree 4 Ewe, Part 1.

The first rebus (#2): Robinson Crusoe by Daniel DeFoe
     Robin + sun     C (=100 in Roman Numerals) + R + U + sew

The second rebus (#5) : Adam Bede by George Eliot
     A + dam     Bed + E  (here using the spelling of b-e-d rather than the sound of bed)

The third rebus (#8): Autocrat of the Breakfast Table by Oliver Wendell Holmes
     Auto + C + rat     of    the     Breakfast + table

It wasn’t necessary to guess the authors. Five of you entered our little little contest.
Only one got Adam Bede. Congratulations to Wabi Sabi.
Everyone got the other two correct so the winners were chosen in a blind drawing.
Congratulations to Nancy Wobig (Robinson Crusoe) and Amiable Amiable (Autocrat of the Breakfast Table).

I will contact you via email for your address so I can send out your rebus prizes, created by us. Ours are not nearly as devious as the ones in the contest. Good luck to everyone in Part 2…..appearing in the very next post.

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