A Miss+Tree 4 Ewe: Part 2, The Plural of Rebus is not Rebi




This is part 2 of our rebus challenge.  Check the first post here to read a bit about where

This is part 2 of our rebus challenge.  You can check the first posting here to read about where these rebuses (yes, that’s the plural of rebus, not rebi) came from.  The general “rules” are below.

And, here are some maybe not so helpful clues for this set of three rebuses.

• One of these books was turned into a Broadway play

• One is an “autobiography”

• One is an epic poem

• Not all number clues are counted the same

Once a week, this is the second set, we will post three vintage rebus cards and invite you to solve them.  Click on the thumbnails above to view larger versions.  Share your guess, with a brief “translation” of the rebus, by posting it to the Comments section below (we will hold back all comments for a week to give everyone a chance to play and will post all responses at the end of the week).  For each of the vintage cards, we will select a “winner” from among the correct responders who will receive a similarly collaged rebus (suitable for framing?) made by one of us, based on a relatively well-known 20th century book title.

We think these three of the vintage rebuses are very easy to moderate in difficulty.  Here’s what we can tell you about these (and all of the others in the set).  We believe all are titles of books or literature, most published before or in the very early years of the 20th century.  Some are classics and will sound familiar even today but some are more obscure and may have slipped into the fog of memory (so even is you figure them out you may not recognize them).  The rebuses include both picture/word/letter/number equivalencies as well as homonym and symbolic equivalencies.  We do not know the solution to all of them (we will indicate that when they are posted) but will referee your responses and award the prize based on our best assessment of  your guess (if we think it’s correct).  The hand-written numbers in the upper left corners are not a part of the rebus, just the number of each card in the set – we’re not posting them in order so don’t get hung up about the numbers but do use the numbers to refer to your answers. You can submit answers for all three or just select ones. While there are prizes for figuring them out, there are no penalties or ridicule for wrong guesses.
You have until Sunday, March 3 at 5:00pm. Good Luck!

Note: If you read our blog on Facebook you have to go to our blog site to make your guess. Don’t put your answer on FB.

Good luck!

13 thoughts on “A Miss+Tree 4 Ewe: Part 2, The Plural of Rebus is not Rebi

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  3. #16 Could it be Six to Sixteen by Juliana Ewing?
    Still working on the other. Something about When night- and- was in bloom or was in flower maybe. I’ll keep trying.

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