Drawing Birds: The Sketchbook Project

Back in September I blogged about The Sketchbook Project, an evolving library that features over 18,000 artist’s books. At that time my blank sketchbook had just arrived ( Sept. 4).  I had no idea what direction the art gods were going to lead me so I had registered my book as ‘undecided’ but it didn’t take me too long to look to the birds.

As a birder I naturally keep a life list but to keep things interesting I also keep a yearly list, that is, all the species seen in that particular year. I decided to use my sketchbook to visually record alot of my 2012 bird list. As of this writing I have 234 birds on my year list, all of those will not be in the sketchbook. However since I didn’t have to return my finished book till January 15, 2013 I would be able to include birds seen in every month of 2012.  A trip to Arizona and a trip to North Carolina and a pair of kestrels nesting in our front tree made this more than a list of backyard birds.

So here is the cover.

sbp cover2

If you wish to see the whole book, click on this Flickr link. Then click on ‘slideshow’ in the upper right.

If you want to see the actual book, and many others, and you happen to be in New York next year go to the Brooklyn Art Library located at 103A North 3rd St., Brooklyn, NY. Or check their calendar because the Sketchbook Project does go on the road and may come to a city near you. Watch for Sketchbook Project 2014 and get involved yourself.


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