Eggrolls, Tamales and a Pint of Lard

Our “summer” farmer’s markets ended in October and since then we’ve been waiting, waiting, waiting for New Leaf’s Winter Farmer’s Market to open. It is held indoors and every other week or so until February. This Saturday morning was the first one and I just figured Curt would head out, buy wonderful things and I would wait here in my robe and jammies. Then he would return with coffee and scones for my breakfast and other goodies for wonderful future meals.

Waiting patiently for breakfast delivery

Waiting patiently for breakfast delivery

Yeah, right!

Curt had already been up for 2 hours by the time I rolled out at 8am. I was about to slip into my sweats and slippers when he bounced into the bedroom suggesting that I get dressed and come with him to the market. He is just too perky in the morning. After some whining and groaning, all of which he ignored, he convinces me to get ready and join him. Fortunately it was dry out and fairly mild for Dec 1, otherwise this slug would be back under the covers.

It proved to be an enjoyable and profitable morning. I shouldn’t admit this, it will just encourage him the next time. The first thing I was looking for was coffee but the first vendor I stopped at (The Attic) also had Ghirardelli hot chocolate.  Sipping my cocoa I caught up to Curt who was buying two smoked trout fillets from Fred at Trust Local Foods.


Next up, from Seifarm, a dozen of beautiful brown cage free eggs and a pint of rendered lard (for making pie crust and our own tamales), and from Twin Elm Gardens, spicy microgreens and butter chard.


Beautiful brown eggs

Spicy microgreens

Spicy microgreens

By now I need something to go with my hot chocolate and the gal at a Breadsmith asks me if I want to sample a cinnamon, walnut, raisin scone. Duh! That sample led to my breakfast purchase. Curt meanwhile is buying a mixed dozen of chicken and pork tamales. These will make a couple of nice meals. Norsk Farm from Lena, Wisconsin has a wide variety of meat so an uncured smoked boneless ham steak joins our bag next to the lamb rib chops from Sattler Farm. All of the meat producers here are proud to tell us their animals are low in fat, grass-fed, humanely treated and naturally processed (no nitrites); we like that too.

416 Cuisine is an artisan Italian food business who has homemade pasta but we notice a sign on their table, gnocchi $7.  We ask about it, it looks really good and another purchase is made.



Time to get out of here before we break the bank. Seriously, we have purchased really good food for quite a few meals so it all evens out in the end. Last stop before the door, four Hmong eggrolls from Pilgrim Lutheran church. Today’s lunch!

If you are lucky enough to have a winter market near you, check it out. You would be amazed at the products you can get to brighten up the dark months.


6 thoughts on “Eggrolls, Tamales and a Pint of Lard

  1. Jeanne, Are those really your feet and your slippers??? That indoor Farmer’s Market sounds fabulous – I will indeed have to try it. You made me hungry just reading your blog. How frequently do they hold it and where is it?? Gay

    • Click on the link in my post – New Leaf Winter Farmer’s Market – it will give you all the dates. It’s located in the KI Convention Center. (no, those aren’t my feet and slippers)

  2. Doggone – too lazy to make the market – I did pick up a few things at Be Alone on Oneida on Thursday but they don’t sound as yummy as yours!

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