Hot Steaming Load

From that title you might think we are posting about politics again but you’d be wrong.

Maybe you’ve noticed the photo of the bucolic scene that runs under our title at the top of Stir’s posts.

Hot steaming load

They change from season to season but they are basically the view of the farm fields across the road from our house.  As the seasons change the fields and woods beyond move through a spectrum of colors and textures that we dearly enjoy – our greatest fear is that the land may, someday, be sold to a developer and turned into a maze of streets and houses.

But for now it is actively worked farmland tended by tenant farmers from surrounding farmsteads.  That means the fields are occasionally plowed, the hay is cut, the corn is harvested and s**t happens.

A manure truck arrives

Yesterday was the day to spread manure.  In this day and age, manure is not clumps of semi-solid cattle droppings flung out from the back-end of a manure spreader.  No, its “liquified” manure sprayed from nozzles at the back-end of tank trucks.  The logic, I think, is that the liquified manure penetrates the soil more quickly, particularly if it is spread on freshly tilled soil.

Spreadin’ **it

While not a pretty sight or notion, it is what it is. We live in a rural community with working farms and animal waste that has to go somewhere.  Using manure to improve or maintain the tilth of the soil is a long-standing practice – maybe the original recycling.  Fortunately, it is now pretty cold out and yesterday the winds were light so we experienced no down-wind unpleasantness from the spreading – thankfully they don’t spread on hot, humid August days.


5 thoughts on “Hot Steaming Load

    • Even funnier, in the dark the guy drove into the low spot where it was really mucky, muddy and got stuck. He sat there for a half hour gunning his motor till someone came with a tractor and hauled him out. Fun in the country.

      • That’s what he gets for driving around in manure in the dark! Even funnier would be if he were married to Eva Gabor! ‘Dah-ling, I love you, but give me Park Avenue!’

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