Joyous All Hallows’ Eve to You

I LOVE Halloween.

I have no little or big kids at home anymore. I have no grand kids. I live in a rural area and no one trick or treats at my door. Yet every year, I cut a bunch of pumpkins, I have a ghosty flag on my porch and I buy some candy, just in case. Of course I buy candy I like. This year it’s Milky Way Midnight Minis: Rich, Dark Chocolate-Golden Caramel-Vanilla Nougat, because I will end up eating all of them. Okay, I will try to get to the candy before Curt does.

This year’s punks

Ghost flag

This week our local library is having its BIG used book sale, over 100,000 books, and I volunteered for today’s 9 – 1 morning shift. Well it’s Halloween, I can’t just go in everyday duds but a full costume wouldn’t work.  I need to move around a lot since I am a team leader. (Team Leader? Sounds fancy but it just means I’m the person the other volunteers call when they have a problem.)

So what to wear? I dug out a pumpkin t-shirt and a green long sleeved shirt. Topped this with gold deelie-boppers. You need help? Find the woman who looks like a pumpkin with alien antennae. I loved it when one of the customers asked, “Do you work here?”

However my day wasn’t done. In the afternoon I had to take the girls out for pictures (that’s mammogram to youse guys) and I decided to continue to wear my pumpkin shirt and antennae. Believe me when I say you have to bring some levity to this yearly indignity. The receptionist thought it was cute, the technician thought it was funny and I got my pictures done in ten minutes. I’m just ordering the wallets, they’ll be ready in a week.

Happy Halloween!


8 thoughts on “Joyous All Hallows’ Eve to You

  1. You are hysterical, Jeanne! I am having the best laugh. No tricksters here either. I shouldn’t let Dave pick out the candy….Butterfingers are his favorites, not mine. Bring on the Heath bars….

  2. Ha ha ha ha! I so LOVE that you wore your costume “to take the girls out for pictures!” And that you phrased it that way is hysterical. I commend you on your Halloween spirit, getting those pictures taken, and keeping a sense of humor about it. And dressing up for the library’s book sale? A “novel” idea! Your spunk and your punks are the best!

  3. same at our house. We’re eating the candy now. Decided we should keep it by the door so we only eat it when we go in or out. that way it might last a few days! Love the library and mammogram stories. There’s nowhere that a little humor is needed more than when the girls are getting their photos snapped. I’ll take some of the wallet size!

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