Just so there is no doubt

I even got a sticker!

where our political feelings lie I post here the tickets I waited in line for today. After a recent high of 70 on Wednesday, it is a bit chilly here in Wisconsin. Even at 1:00pm, as I entered a line that went around the corner and into an alley, it was only 42 degrees. Fortunately I had on a turtleneck and a quilted jacket but my fellow line mates were much wiser for they had mittens and hoods on their jackets.  But it was a spirited group of like-minded people who gave each other hope while also expressing their fears and anguish if, God forbid!, the opponent should prevail. However, there was more optimism than pessimism and I even was persuaded to go door to door and tell people to get out and VOTE! Because that’s what it is all about…getting the people out, even if they are suffering from candidate fatigue.

And what was I waiting for in that 75 minutes? Tickets to see my President of course. My President now and my President on November 7th, Barack Obama.


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