Boxelder Bug Madness!

I have had it with boxelder bugs. They are everywhere. They don’t bite, they don’t smell but they are a nuisance because they hang all over the house, especially around the doors, fly at you and bounce off your clothes, and hair, and face. I don’t think any critter eats them either. My cat caught one the other day, proceeded to gobble up the bug, only to spit it out. Ptooey! So what the heck are they good for?  I know they like it warm, because at this time of year, my house, which has a pretty large southern and western exposure, is a great attraction. We’ve brushed them off with a broom, sprayed bug stuff but still they come.  But where do they come from?  All summer we’ve seen maybe a handful of them.  Now there are thousands!  Maybe Spontaneous Generation is a reality?

On the house.

On a tree.

On the barn.

In the leaves.

While I wax Seussical they are looking for a place to over-winter and are sneaking into the house every chance they get. Everyday we find 2 or 3 walking along a wall, 1 or 2 sidling up a window and then there are the kamikaze dives onto the computer keyboard while I’m typing.

But we are fighting back. Our indoors weapon of choice? The Dyson dustbuster!

Suck ’em up!


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