The Leftover Chronicles: Just add an egg


One of our simplest leftover fallbacks is to add an egg. With most soups, stews, curries, chili or other soupy sort of dishes, a second life can be fashioned by adding some form of egg; poached, fried or scrambled works well.

Heat the soupy leftovers in a shallow pan and add one whole egg per person. Cover the pan and simmer to poach the egg to your taste – I like mine with a runny yolk. Serve with slices of good bread to sop up the juices.  This works with almost any soup, stew (like this Khoresht) or even something like ratatouille. Usually the leftover will have thickened overnight so add some new liquid, if needed, to loosen it up to give the egg a nice steamy environment in which to poach.

Khoresht with poached egg

Or, alternately, scramble a few eggs and serve along side of some thicker leftover like chili or curry.  In fact, chili and scrambled eggs are one of those parings that just seem made for each other.

Chili with scrambled eggs:  Not just for breakfast but great for breakfast

Eggs – versatile, convenient, inexpensive, tasty and good for you.


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