Leucistic Common Grackle

Actually, not so common. Just a quick post that’s about neither art nor food or maybe both depending on your perspective.

The last two days we have had a leucistic common grackle in our yard.  A partially white grackle, not an albino, but one with coloration that is commonly called pied or piebald.

It was difficult to take pictures because of the pretty steady rain both yesterday and today but here’s my best shots.  I’m not presenting this as great photography but merely as an interesting visitor and a nice addition to our “nature notebook”.

And because of, or in spite of, the rain we also have had a boatload of house finches, a college of cardinals, a chattering of starlings, a charm of goldfinches, a descent of downy woodpeckers, a scold of jays and a banditry of chickadees. Time to go refill the feeders.


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