A Week of Dinners – Monday: Wieners & Beans

Wieners and Beans

Until I did this week of dinners you probably thought we got creative every time we walked into the kitchen. But sometimes we punt; we do repeats (sausage and peppers), have basic stew-like dishes from forgotten frozen meat (Sunday) and occasionally make tacos, pizza and mac & cheese like everyone else.

So today is Monday and even if we were in the garden on Saturday we are back there again doing more clean-up. This time clearing out tomato cages and tearing out spent plants, and preparing a bed for planting garlic and shallots. It never ends. The weather people are already telling us a cold wave is moving in by the end of the week. Leaves are piling up in the yard but we’ll hope for a really windy day rather than start raking. Anyway we are pooped and no one wants to get creative in the kitchen – back to the freezer to see if we can find something quick.  Aha! A partial package of wieners from Salmon’s, a meat market near us in Luxemburg, WI.  A can of beans in the pantry kept on hand for just such an occasion and a quick run to the store for some fresh hotdog buns and we’re in business.

Wieners, Buns and Beans

Of course, we’re not going to use French’s Ball Park mustard or Heinz ketchup now, are we?  Curt mixed up a hot pepper relish (recipe below) and we had some micro greens from Twin Elm Gardens, some sauerkraut left from the cabbage rolls on Thursday and a favorite from CHeRiTH VaLLeY gardens, a Red Raspberry-Wasabi mustard.

Dog #1: With Pepper relish, onions, and spicy micro greens (standing in for mustard)

Dog #2: With Cherith Valley Raspberry-Wasabi Mustard, onions, beet and spicy microgreens

Dog #3: With Raspberry-Wasabi Mustard, Sauerkraut and beet microgreens

But in the end it still just wieners and beans.

Red Pepper Relish

Quick Red Pepper Relish

2 Tbs Roasted Red Peppers, minced
– I used homemade but drained, jarred peppers from the store would be fine
– add 1 tsp olive oil if using jarred peppers
1 Tbs Onion, minced
1 tsp Gochujang (Korean Chili Pepper Paste)
– substitute several shakes of your favorite red pepper sauce with a pinch of sugar
1 tsp Sake


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