A Week of Dinners – Saturday Night Special

Chopped peppers

We’ve been working in the yard all day cleaning up and tucking in plants for the coming winter. Daylilies have been divided, bulbs planted, mulch spread. Inside, three loads of laundry got done, the kitchen floor got mopped, and I wrote Friday’s blog post. Both of us have aches and pains and our ambition is about gone. That means we fall back on a staple – a recipe from the archives: Sausage and Peppers. Follow this link for the details if you wish to try this one yourself or just go up to our list of recipes. Of course we never do a recipe the same way twice so this time …….

Ingredients for Sausage and Peppers

The core is always Italian sausage (we prefer Johnsonville, one hot and one mild); peppers (these were the end of the garden – one green bell, one red bell, one orange frying pepper);  onions and some sort of tomatoes (the last Roma from the garden and a tub of roasted cherry tomatoes from the freezer); some seasoning – basil (a little that escaped our light frost a week ago), some crushed red pepper, ground black pepper; and some olive oil (in this case the oil the roasted cherry tomatoes were packed in).  Fry the sausage and chop into rough chunks; onions and peppers chopped into similar sized irregular chunks; tomatoes were already the right size.  Saute the vegetables, add the sausage and seasonings.  Cook pasta according to package directions (we used rigatoni), add cooked pasta to the pan with the veg and sausage plus a little pasta cooking water – simmer a minute or two more until the pasta water combines with the tomatoes to make a light sauce around the pasta.  Serve topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Dish of pasta with sausage and peppers

Sausage and Peppers (I forgot to put the in the basil)

Saturday night – a couple of glasses of Kendall-Jackson Summation (a Cabernet, Merlot and Zinfandel blend), sausage and peppers and season one of Homeland on DVD. I’m going to go put my feet up.

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