Oh Lovely, you think I’m Lovely

Oh Lord, I’ve been tagged for the Lovely Blog Award by my friend Pat, a new blogger at Wabi Sabi. She has a mostly architectural photo blog and you’ll love her commentary. I’m honored, truly, but being given this honor is such a mixed blessing.

On one hand, ” Wow, you like me, you really like me!

On the other hand, ” Geez, now I have to troll through my fav blogs and bestow upon them an award that they may or may not be grateful to get.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love being recognized even though I don’t feel very lovely. (You may notice that this is an “I” post and not  a “we” post. When it comes to awards, notices, answering most comments…Curt disappears into the background and holds real still until I deal with them). Anyway I started this blog in March of 2010. I quietly slogged along hoping someone would notice, Curt wrote as well but the blog was in my name back then. At post 73, I was Freshly Pressed! Wow, that was a surprise and it was for a seemingly unassuming post about sending Christmas cards, go figure! But it sure helped in the publicity department because I started getting more comments and more followers. Then “Herding Cats in Hammond” gave me the Stylish Blogger award. Alas, that blog is no longer alive but Wendy was a wonderful blogger. I followed all the rules and crowned  others. Many, many months later I picked up the Versatile Blogger award from Amiable Amiable at Big Happy Nothing. She also has a great voice but life has intervened and she hasn’t been posting since July. At that time I just didn’t have the umpf to do the “chain letter” of giving out awards. However, readers and fellow bloggers, I am ready this time to pass on the Lovely Blog Award to some very deserving blogs. In doing this, I am hoping that some of my followers will discover some other really cool blogs.

First, here is what the recipient has to do (if they have the inclination):

Accept the award.   I do.
Post award on blog   Will do.
Give some info about myself.  Have done, above or go here.
Pass on to 7 others.  I did 6, so sue me. See below.
Contact that 7 or 6 or 5 or whatever.    Will be done.
Second, I present to you six Lovely Award bloggers.

Life as a Field Trip – Terra blogs about her 6 year old and her unique family, you’ll love her.
Each Little World – Talk about lovely! This a gardener extraordinaire.
Life in the Boomer Lane – Sassy and lovely, I’m a boomer too, ’nuff said.
Homemade with Mess – She became one of my followers recently, when I looked at her blog it was the colors that hit me first, but the food is fun too.
Insatiable Booksluts – I love, love books and so does this bunch of sluts! Great blog and it’s Stephen King Week!
YABookNerd – I used to be a young adult librarian, its fun to check here to find out what lovely stuff is going on in the YA world.

Well that’s it. I mistakenly published this before it was done so I hope, dear followers, that you deleted that boo-boo and are now reading this one with all the proper bells and whistles.


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