Yes, You can have too many Tomatoes!

When you pick and eat that first tomato in July you don’t think you’ll ever be tired of them. It’s been a long winter, a promising spring and finally…. But now it’s the end of summer.

Too many tomatoes, too many zucchini, too many cucumbers, too many eggplant!!!  We have stuffed peppers, and blanched beans, and frozen corn, and dried tomatoes and roasted tomatoes and frozen tomatoes. And there are still  lot out there. In past years we have just thrown up our hands at this time of the year and said, Arrggh! Forget it! Let it rot!! Go away! I can’t take anymore zucchini bread!

This year I suggested we put a table at the road and try to sell some of the extra produce. That didn’t fly with my beloved. And I guess he had good reasons. What to charge? Sit out there with the veggies? Have an honor system container? Then be depressed when someone helps themselves to veggies and the money.  Nah! Too much trouble, too much stress. But he wasn’t against putting stuff out for free.

So I dragged out two sawhorses and and a painter’s plank and set up my roadside stand in front of the house. Curt made a couple of signs that he stapled to each end of the plank, I loaded it with veggies and we were in “business.”

Today’s offering: beans, tomatoes, a cuke, okra, eggplant

And then we waited. Now we don’t live on a terribly busy road.

Our road.

The school buses go by, and people pass us on their way home from work and church. Farm machinery lumbers past. We have the “walking ladies” and Janet and her dog and kids on bikes. Nothing much happened the first day but the next morning when I went out to check, tomatoes were gone and an eggplant and a pepper. In their place was four dollars and a note scrawled on a piece of paper torn off the end of a bag, “These will be great for dinner.”

Not bad for free veggies. Since that first day, people stop regularly and I have even gotten more veggies from a friend who had too much in her garden. So a bag of basil, more cucumbers and green peppers were part of that day’s offerings. All have been taken!! And even though they are a tough sell, more eggplant and some okra have found new homes. Hope someone is enjoying moussaka or a great gumbo.


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