Blue Moon Party

A friend of mine decided that the Blue Moon we had yesterday was a great excuse for an informal get-together. A blue moon is the second full moon in a month. The next one won’t be till July 2015. Sure, any excuse for a party. What should we bring? She suggested something to do with the moon or blue. Well there aren’t a lot of blue foods out there, so we went with blue cheese – more precisely grapes rolled in a blue cheese/cream cheese mixture and then rolled in walnuts. Looked like little lumpy moons. Another guest went with a blueberry bundt cake with a wonderful lemon sauce. But I think the moon pies with a blue creamy filling hit the theme the best.

Assorted other snacks included blue corn chips and salsa and a tomato feta baked dip. Hey, like I said you run out of blue real quick. Now when it comes to the drinks blue was a lot more fun.

Blue Moon Beer – perfect.

Blue Fish Pinot Grigio

And even though the moon insisted on hiding behind some wispy clouds, after a little beer, a little wine, a moon pie, we were ready to do a little dancing in the moonlight.

When the retired party.


6 thoughts on “Blue Moon Party

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