We had a delightful lunch yesterday at a food truck. There’s not many of them (food trucks) in our neck of the woods. We read about the food truck boom in NY, Chicago and LA but not so much in NE Wisconsin. Yes, there are a few part-time affairs that show up at special events but not every day operations and most follow a pretty tried and true (and a little tired) menu strategy of tacos, burgers and such.

the Kangaroostaurant truck

A while ago the local paper did a writeup on the Kangaroostaurant, a truck that mostly operates in the Appleton area, some 45 minutes from here. But yesterday, Jeanne heard on Facebook that they were going to be in DePere (a mere 20 minutes from here) in conjunction with a fund-raiser sponsored by Kim Klein Photography to raise money for GLBT partnership for Harmony Cafe, a local cafe affiliated with Goodwill.*

So, off we went.  The menu is short but not short on interest or taste.  The menu board lists a few regular items and about the same number of changing seasonal choices.  Kelly, one of the owners, said they source around 90% of their product from NE Wisconsin so everything is as fresh as can be.  Serving us was Mason, chef, and, according to Kelly, the Kangaroostaurant’s only full time employee.

Mason, chef, and Kelly, owner

Kangaroostaurant’s menu board

I choose the Shaved Pork from Golden Bear Farms, with Stone Fruit Mostarda.  Brilliant combination!  The hit was the mostarda made with fresh Door County sweet cherries and peaches and just the right touch of mustardy heat. It would have been welcome as an accompaniment to any roast or grilled meat, but adding it to a sandwich was the bomb.  I also opted for the Sweet Potato Fries with Hippy Wayne’s curry mustard which were good but a little soggy.  Jeanne went for the Chicken Fajita Grilled Cheese (with peppers, onions, roasted garlic and pepper-jack cheese) a nice mash-up of two old standards packed with veggies.

Shaved Pork with Stone Fruit Mostarda and Sweet Potato Fries

Chicken Fajita Grilled Cheese

All told, a great lunch and some nice people.  Check them out if you see their truck in your neighborhood –  and maybe you’ll find Ron Ron Gorilla at the table next to you (we did).

Ron Ron Gorilla

* $1445.00 was raised for the Partnership.


4 thoughts on “Kangaroostaurant!

  1. Thank you from the K’Roo for this wonderful artickle. We are pleased to meet you and appreciate all that you are doing to get the word out about great food in Wisconsin. See you soon!

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