July is Potato Salad

All of summer for that matter. But the 4th of July seems to be the kick-off for potato salad season. Mine is pretty stock recipe that varies with what fresh veggies are available in my fridge at the time. This past fourth I had small yellow, purple and red potatoes (a gift from a close friend), celery, carrots, onions and radishes. I always hard boil a couple of eggs as well.

I’ve used scallions, red onions, cauliflower, green pepper and broccoli.  Anything crisp works well.
After the potatoes have been boiled and cooled, cut them into rough chunks. I leave the skins on.
They don’t have any extra vitamins but leaving them intact helps
preserve the nutrients in the flesh of the potato.

boiled and cut into pieces

Next, add the carrots. Shread them with a potato peeler and cut the remainder into tiny pieces.
Add 1-2 Tbls of vinegar, wine or plain, and toss.Cut up the remainder of the vegetables and add them to the potatoes and carrots
along with salt and pepper to taste.

Celery, onions, radishes, salt, pepper

Finally, put in the hard-boiled eggs. Stir in real mayonnaise, chill and serve.

Pretty simple, pretty good. Our guests had seconds.

We served ours with hamburgers that day.


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