Back in the Trenches

In the closets, in the basement, in the barn, in the garage, in the studio. Drawers, cupboards, boxes, trunks. Yes, we are getting ready for another garage sale. I know, I know, didn’t we just have one last year, and the year before?  Yes, again. But a couple of months ago Curt started sorting in his studio and the garage and told me he already had enough stuff to justify another sale. So I started looking too and darn, if we didn’t find more stuff we can live without. Here’s a few teasers to make you wish you lived by us and could rush over a day ahead of time and beg us to sell you these treasures.

Goliath, the Blood sweating Hippopotamus!
Real circus poster, circa 1972, framed and ready to hang.

Goliath not enough for you? How about the cure for those nasty barb-wire wounds?
Once again framed for your convenience.

Buttons! I’ve got buttons. And now you can too.

Ethnic music buffs, gather ’round. We sold off the vinyl last year. This year it’s CDs.

Buy the above nine and take home The Saxophone Orchestra for free. What were we thinking?

Does anyone watch VHS anymore? Maybe these belong in the grab bag box.

Enough to get you interested? Hope so. Remember time waits for no man or woman and we’ve got the clock for you. Complete with papers of age and ownership.

Bottomline, garage sales are a zero sum gain. We will end up going out the next day to buy different stuff.  Curt actually is going to a flea market the day after our sale. Oh well.


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